A Gathering Storm

Prev. Wolves at the Gates
Next Heart of the Jito
Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Major Legend Increase
Location Jogaku Temple
Quest Giver Yuna

A Gathering Storm is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


Yuna, Ishikawa, Masako, Norio... Everyone is gatehred at Jogaku Temple. Even Kenji. I can't let them down. I should check on Yuna. We need to plan our attack against the Khan's stronghold in Port Izumi.


A Gathering Storm Information

  • Location: Jogaku Temple
  • Quest Giver: Yuna
  • Act 3: Kill the Khan
  • Prerequisite: Complete Wolves at the Gates.
  • Main Task: Plan the attack on the Khan's Stronghold.


A Gathering Storm NPCs


A Gathering Storm Rewards


A Gathering Storm Objectives

  • Meet Yuna at Jogaku Temple
  • Do not Raise the Alarm
  • Sneak to the Lighthouse
  • Investigate the Barrels
  • Reach the Top of the Lighthouse
  • Survey Port Izumi


A Gathering Storm Walkthrough

Rendezvous at Jogaku Temple

  • Open your Journal in the menu and track the tale to mark the location of the first objective.
  • Travel to Jogaku Temple and speak to Yuna to begin the quest. You can either ride all the way to the area or use Fast Travel. You'll find her by the pagoda.
  • After the cutscene, you'll find yourself on a cliff overlooking Port Izumi.

Infiltrate Port Izumi

  • The primary objective here is to avoid being detected while you sneak inside the port.
  • Make sure to either equip the Ronin Attire or Ghost Armor which reduces the chances of being detected.
  • First, you need to head to the lighthouse. Head down the steps and proceed towards lighthouse where the Mongols have set up camp.
  • Once you're near the front, sneak through by going to the right side behind the rocks. You'll see a Mongol guard ahead standing by the edge of the cliff and another that's patrolling.
  • While the Mongol guard checks the grass, kill him, then climb up the rocks and assassinate the other standing by the cliff.
  • Continue going up the rocks until you reach the top. You'll see a Mongol archer here standing by the cliff. Assassinate him then look to your right, you'll see another Mongol soldier near the tents
  • Assassinate the Mongol guard then use the slackline to cross and reach the top of the tent.
  • Below you, there will be three Mongol guards here. Try to separate them from each other by using a wind chime or firecracker to catch their attention.
  • Make your way to the back of the lighthouse and you'll see a gap that you can squeeze through.
  • Once you're in, examine the barrels that are full of the poison flowers.
  • Climb to the top of the lighthouse to scout the area - a cutscene will trigger here.
  • After the cutscene, move towards the survey point and scout the area to plan the attack.
  • Start surveying from the left then move to the right.
  • First, you'll see the ridge on the left. Second is an empty building, the third is a hill, the fourth is the flock of birds, and finally, the harbor master's estate.
  • Another cutscene will then trigger after surveying the five points of interest - this ends the main quest.


A Gathering Storm Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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