Weakness Melee and Ranged Attacks

Archers is an enemy in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Enemies are hostile characters that appear in various locations of the game, enemies are presented as Mongol soldiers, bandits, ronin, as well as animals. All enemies are encountered throughout the island of Tsushima in campsites, along the road, settlements, and many more.


Archers Information

  • Archers are commonly encountered in both a group of bandits or Mongols. Although they are the easiest to kill, they are considered to be the fastest enemy encountered since they can shoot up to two arrows in succession that can damage and stun Jin momentarily.
  • To identify if an archer is about to shoot, you'll hear the archer shout a warning to their allies indicating their about to shoot. Usually, after their warning, they'll shoot the arrow.
  • Early in the game, you can only dodge by pressing the button to avoid getting hit. But later on, when you start to obtain technique points, it is recommended to unlock the Deflect Arrows technique found under Samurai Techniques so that you can deflect any incoming arrows.
  • Deflect arrows work in any stance, simply hold down the L1 button to block. Jin will automatically deflect any incoming arrows while the player holds down the block button.
  • Archers have low health, so two strikes with the katana will do, or if you're good with aiming and quick to draw your bow, one shot to the head will instantly kill them.


Archers Drops



Archers Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here.
  • Defeating enemies in random encounters such as patrols seen on roads rewards Jin with a Minor Legend Increase to his Legend Rank.



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