Archery Master's Attire

Archery Master's Attire
Armor Type Body Armor
Available Upgrades N/A

Increases nocking and reload speed by 45%.

Increases total Concentration time by 3 seconds.

Headshots restore 50% of the Concentration meter.

Archery Master's Attire is a Body Armor in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Body Armor is a set of armor or clothing that is worn by Jin Sakai to protect his whole body. There are various types of Body Armor that heavily change Jin's style of either exploring the island as a Samurai or as the feared ninja, the Ghost. Body armor is a cosmetic piece of equipment that changes Jin's appearance, but most importantly, it grants him protection, defensive properties, and various perks that can help fight against his enemies. Jin's armor can also be customized by finding Flowers and using it to change its color. Body Armor can be found in settlements, purchased from Merchants, obtained as a reward, or crafted with the use of certain Resources.


Worn by Sensei Ishikawa.


Archery Master's Attire Information


Where to Find Archery Master's Attire


Resources used for Crafting


Archery Master's Attire Notes & Trivia

  • This outfit is also worn by Sensei Ishikawa.
  • The Archery Master's Attire is only available in a NG+ playthrough.
  • The perks on this armor are exactly the same as the perks of Tadayori's armor after the 4th upgrade, which is also only available in a NG+ playthrough.
  • This armor, like the Deadly Rival's Attire, cannot be dyed or upgraded.




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