Conversations with the Khan 3

Collectible Type Record
Location Ogawa Dojo

Conversations with the Khan 3 is a Record in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). A Record is a collectible item - in Jin's Journey, players will come across. Records are personal accounts, poems, and messages written by the people of Tsushima, documenting life during the Mongol invasion. The purpose of these artifacts is to be collected and to unlock a trophy for collecting it all. There are 40 artifacts that can be found in forts, encampments, and dwellings across the island.  


A very interesting week! Khotun Khan is holding Lord Shimura captive at Castle Kaneda. He confided that the former jito is more valuable to him alive than dead. In fact, Khotun plans to make him an offer.
Through spies and informants, Khotun knows Shimura's ambitions reach beyond Tsushima. And he also knows Shimura's wife and sons died prematurely and tragically, so he lacks an heir. Khotun's offer: join the Mongol cause, and Shimura will be made Shogun, to rule as Khotun's right hand man... And, along with Goryeo, aid Khotun in overthrowing Kublai.
Any man who would stand in the way of Khotun Khan is a fool. And from what I hear, Shimura is many things, but not that.


Conversations with the Khan 3 Location


Conversations with the Khan 3 Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Be sure to check Mongol settlements to find an artifact, or follow Guide Birds to discover hidden locations.




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