Eternal Blue Sky

Prev. Heart of the Jito
Next The Tale of Lord Shimura
Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Major Legend Increase
Location Jogaku Temple
Quest Giver Yuna

Eternal Blue Sky is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


The storm is coming. It’s time we make our final preparations to strike Khotun Khan. I don’t know if we’ll survive, and I don’t know if Lord Shimura will reinforce us. But I can’t turn back now. Yuna should be with the other at Jogaku Temple. I should speak with her before we end this.


Eternal Blue Sky Information

  • Location: Jogaku Temple
  • Quest Giver: Yuna
  • Act 3: Kill the Khan
  • Prerequisite: Complete "Heart of the Jito"
  • Main Task: Kill the Khan and stop the Mongol invasion.


Eternal Blue Sky NPCs


Eternal Blue Sky Rewards


Eternal Blue Sky Objectives

  • Speak with Yuna at Jogaku Temple
  • Optional: Speak with your Allies
  • Speak with Yuna
  • Take Position in the Fishing Village
  • Defeat the Khan’s Reinforcements
  • Travel with your Allies to Meet Norio
  • Infiltrate Port Izumi
  • Find a Vantage Point to Locate the Khan
  • Confront the Khan at the Manor House
  • Defeat the Mongols
  • Stop the Khan before he Escapes
  • Defeat Khotun Khan
  • Follow Yuna


Eternal Blue Sky Walkthrough

Return to Jogaku Temple

  • Open your Journal in the menu and track the tale to mark the location of the first objective.
  • Travel to Jogaku Temple and speak to Yuna to begin the quest. You can either ride all the way to the area or use Fast Travel. You'll find her by the pagoda.
  • After the cutscene with Yuna, check up on the rest of your allies who are also in Jogaku Temple.
  • Masako can be found by the campfire near the gift altar, Sensei Ishikawa is by the merchnat, Kenji is inside the temple near the gift altar, and Norio can be found inside the temple near the frozen lake.
  • Once you've spoken to all of Jin's allies, speak to Yuna to progress the quest. You'll automatically begin at Port Izumi.

The Battle at Port Izumi

  • After the cutscene, head to the marked location and take position in the fishing village of the port.
  • Wait for the explosion then fight and defeat Khotun Khan's reinforcements. You will encounter all types of enemies here.
  • Remember:
    • Stone Stance is effective against Swordsmen.
    • Water Stance is effective against Shieldmen.
    • Wind Stance is effective against Spearmen, and;
    • Moon Stance is effective against Brutes.
    • If ever you encounter Archers, ready your bow and shoot them from afar. Most of the time, they are positioned on high-ground or are a bit away from the battle. If you do see an archer, ready your bow and shoot them.
    • There are also explosive barrels lying around, shoot it down if you see enemies around it to blow them up.
    • If ever you have Ghost Stance available, use it! This will help you quickly eliminate the Mongol soldiers.

  • After clearing the waves of enemies, regroup with your allies by speaking to Yuna.
  • You'll now need to head to the hill to meet up with Norio - another cutscene will trigger before you start infiltrating the port.
  • After the cutscene, run towards the marked objective and sneak into Port Izumi. You'll need to find a vantage point to locate the Khan's position.
  • You'll have to climb to the rooftops of the buildings to reach a vantage point. Once you've reached the rooftop, look at the watchtower at the camp and Jin will mention that it's a good spot as a vantage point.
  • Now, head to the inner section of the port where the Mongol camps are and climb to the top of the watchtower.
  • You are not limited on how to proceed here, you can either fight the enemies head-on or take them out as stealthy as you can.
  • Once you've reached the watchtower, another cutscene will trigger where you'll see Lord Shimura and his army arrive at the port.

Confront the Khan

  • Next, proceed to the manor house where the Khan is. But it won't be that easy of course since the area will be crawling with Mongol guards.
  • Again, you can either fight your way head-on or use your ghost weapons to sneak around and eliminate them with stealth tactics.
  • The majority of the enemies you'll encounter here are soldiers wielding shields but you will encounter all types of enemies. So make sure you have Water Stance up when you are fighting shieldsmen.
  • After killing the enemies, head to the bridge and squeeze through the half-open gate where you'll find Khotun Khan.
  • Khotun Khan wields a spear, so Wind Stance will be effective against him.
  • By now, you should have mythic techniques such as the Heavenly Strike and Dance of Wrath. Use this to your advantage when you have enough Resolve nodes but keep an eye out and make sure you have enough in case you need it to replenish your health.
  • Patience is key to winning this duel! Whenever Khan will use an unblockable attack, dodge it.
  • Also, learning the Unyielding Spear Parry will allow Jin to parry blue attacks of the Khan, then follow up with a counterattack.
  • Whenever the Ghost Stance is also available to use, do not hesitate to pop it when the meter is full!
  • When Khotun Khan's health is about nearly empty, a cutscene will trigger and Khotun Khan will poison you.
  • Quickly press the down button on the D-pad to cure yourself. Kill the two brute enemies and then chase after Khotun Khan.
  • Along the way, you will encounter more Mongol guards who will try to slow you down.
  • When you reach the Mongol fleet, another cutscene will trigger.
  • You'll now need to fight and get past through the Mongol guards on the ship until you reach Khotun Khan.
  • This time, it won't be a duel, so you're free to use your tools here. But remember to switch to Wind Stance once you're facing Khotun Khan.
  • Eventually, he will call more reinforcements, switch stances accordingly depending on the type of enemy you are facing, and don't forget to use your tools.
  • Most of the guards on the top deck will try to throw explosives at you, dispatch them first by shooting them with your bow and arrow. One to two shots should do.
  • Now, kill the Mongol guards first before shifting your attention towards Khotun Khan.
  • More guards will eventually arrive, just look out for the archers that are positioned on the upper deck. Just shoot them down with your bow and arrow.
  • After enough hits against Khotun Khan, you'll be prompted to press the button to break his shield and to kill him.

Rendezvous with Yuna

  • After the battle on the ship, you'll rendezvous with Yuna and return to the outskirts of Jogaku Temple.
  • Simply ride with her back to the temple and another cutscene will trigger - this ends the main quest.


Eternal Blue Sky Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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