Fit for the Khan

Prerequisite Honor and Ash
Reward/s Minor Legend Increase
Mongol Commander's Armor
Location Jogaku Temple
Quest Giver Peasant

Fit for the Khan is a Side Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Tales of Tsushima are categorized as the typical side quests of the game, these are optional where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Side Quests heavily focuses on stories that revolve around NPCs encountered throughout the game. Completing a side quest rewards Jin with unique items and many more.


A blacksmith in Jogaku said the Mongols forced his master to create a set of armour for Khorun Khan. He managed to escape and hide some of the armour pieces across Kamiagata before he was killed, but the Mongols found some others. If I recover all the pieces, I could use this armour myself.


Fit for the Khan Information

  • Location: Jogaku Temple
  • Quest Giver: Peasant
  • Act 3: Kill the Khan
  • Region: Kamiagata
  • Prerequisite: Complete the main quest "Honor and Ash".


Fit for the Khan Rewards


Fit for the Khan Objectives

  • Obtain the Mongol Armour Pieces
    • Kill General Bartu
    • Rescue the Hostages
    • Kill General Dogshin
    • Rescue the Hostages
  • Speak with the Apprentice in Jogaku


Fit for the Khan Walkthrough

Obtain the Mongol Armour Pieces

  • This quest is only available after completing the main quest "Honor and Ash".
  • Travel to Jogaku Temple and one of the peasants will provide you with a rumor regarding this quest.
  • You'll learn that the Mongols forced the armorer to craft pieces of armor that are used for the Mongol generals. And you are tasked to liberate four outposts across the Kamiagata region and to obtain the pieces from the Mongol generals by defeating them.

Kill General Dogshin

  • The nearest and first outpost you can liberate is on the north from Jogaku Temple which is General Dogshin's camp.
  • The task to liberate an outpost is common just like in the previous ones, take out all of the Mongol soldiers, and the General who is in charge of a certain post will appear and challenge you to a duel.
  • In General Dogshin's camp, you'll need to recover x4 Sashimono Banners, defeat all of the Mongol soldiers, especially then ones operating the hwacha.
  • Once you've cleared the camp, General Dogshin will arrive along with his men. Use Water Stance against him since he is wielding a shield. 
  • A good tactic is while you are clearing out the camp, build up your Ghost Stance, and use it against General Dogshin at the start of the duel.
  • He'll occasionally use an unblockable attack which is a shield bash, sword strike, then another shield bash. So make sure you dodge this when you see the red glowing line appear on him.
  • Upon defeating him, his men will get scared and run away. Approach the general's body and pick up a foot piece of Mongol armor. The next camp you can liberate is on the west side of Jogaku Temple.

Liberate Kawachi Whaling Village

  • On the west, you'll find the Kawachi Whaling Village.
  • For this area, you'll want to sneak in undetected and take out the Mongol guards one at a time because there are prisoners here.
  • As much as possible avoid fighting them since the prisoners are separated from one another.
  • Once you've cleared the camp and freed the captives, you'll obtain a headpiece of Mongol Armor.
  • The next outpost you can liberate is on the south side of Jogaku Temple.

Kill General Bartu

  • For this General Bartu's outpost, the task is similar just like General Dogshin's.
  • Simply kill all of the Mongol guards around the camp to lure out General Bartu and to challenge him to a duel.
  • You also have two tasks to release x3 Falcons and to collect x4 Sashimono Banners.
  • Once you've destroyed the black powder cache, General Bartu will arrive in the area along with his men.
  • General Baru also wields a shield similar to General Dogshin, so use Water Stance against him.
  • Execute the same tactic which is to use Ghost Stance against him and to dodge his unblockable shield bash attack.
  • Apart from that, be patient, use your Mythic attacks such as Heavenly Strike or Dance of Wrath if you have enough resolve
  • And parry his normal attacks and then follow up with a counterattack.
  • Upon defeating the general, the Mongol guards will run away and you can obtain the body piece of Mongol armor from General Bartu's body.
  • The final outpost you need to liberate is on the east side of Jogaku Temple.

Liberate the Morimae Brewery

  • For this Mongol outpost, you'll need to rescue and free the prisoners in order to obtain the fourth piece of Mongol armor.
  • Try to sneak in just like the village and kill the Mongol guards one at a time by assassinating them. Avoid being seen or to fight them head-on so that you won't be overwhelmed in fighting and trying to defend the prisoner at the same time.
  • Once you've cleared the camp, approach the prisoner, and free him. You'll obtain the fourth piece of Mongol armor.

Speak with the Apprentice in Jogaku

  • Upon obtaining all four pieces, return to Jogaku Temple and speak to the apprentice.
  • He will start to readjust the Mongol Commander's Armor for Jin which will be rewarded to you for completing this quest, as well as a Minor Legend Increase.


Fit for the Khan Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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