Flaming Arrow

Flaming Arrow Item
Bow Type Half Bow

Flaming Arrow is a type of Arrow in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Flaming Arrow can only be used by the Half Long and are offensive items that are used in battle to inflict damage and various status abnormalities against enemies.


Shot by Half Blow. Ignites enemies, cloth, and dry grass.


Flaming Arrow Information

  • This type of arrow can only be used by the Half Bow.
  • They can ignite Pampas Grass and will cause red barrels to explode.
  • Are used to burn enemies.
  • Can target both opponents and certain elements of the environment, such as high-growing grass.
  • Hitting an element of the environment enables you to set a few enemies on fire with a single shot.


Flaming Arrow Acquisition


Flaming Arrow Notes & Tips

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