Ghost Flowers

Type Resource Item
Max. Capacity ???

Ghost Flowers is a Resource Item in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Resources are materials used for crafting and customizing items and equipment. Resources can be obtained in such as rewards, dropped by Enemies and Bosses, randomly looted at various locations, or it can also be in chests, crates, or breakable objects.


Ghost Flowers Information

In-game description


Ghost Flowers Usage

  • You can exchange these flowers with Baku the Voiceless for new armor dyes and other vanity gear only found in New Game+.


Ghost Flowers Location/Where to Find

  • The Ghost Flowers can be earned by completing tasks in New Game+ that have already been completed.
  • Completing Main Quest x5 Ghost Flowers.
  • Completing secondary missions x3 Ghost Flowers
  • If you discover any new Landmark x1 Ghost Flower



Ghost of Tsushima Resources
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