Ghosts from the Past

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Next A Reckoning in Blood
Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Blowgun
Sakai Mask
Sakai Clan Armor
Major Legend Increase
Location Omi Village
Quest Giver n/a

Ghosts from the Past is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


I haven’t been home since the invasion. It’s time I return to Omi Village and recover my father’s armor, if it hasn’t been stolen by Mongols or bandits already. I hope my people managed to evacuate for safety. Especially Yuriko, my family’s caretaker.


Ghosts from the Past Information

  • Location: Omi Village
  • Quest Giver: n/a
  • Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura
  • Prerequisite: Complete A New Horizon.


Ghosts from the Past NPCs

  • Yuriko


Ghosts from the Past Rewards


Ghosts from the Past Objectives

  • Look for your father’s armor
  • Go with Yuriko
  • Visit your father’s grave
  • Compose a haiku
  • Put on your father’s armor
  • Challenge the Straw Hats
  • Speak with Yuriko
  • Go with Yuriko
  • Travel to the old crossing
  • Collect the reeds
  • Return to Yuriko
  • Follow Yuriko
  • Gather the flowers
  • Poison a Straw Hat with your blowgun
  • Return to Yuriko


Ghosts from the Past Walkthrough

Return to Omi Village

  • This quest becomes available upon completing "A New Horizon".
  • Open your Journal in the menu and track the tale to mark the location of the first objective.
  • Your first task is to return to Jin's ancestral home in Omi Village. You'll find that in the northern part of the map near Kushi and Kubaka.
  • Upon entering Jin's home, a cutscene will trigger and you'll meet the Sakai family's caretaker, Yuriko.
  • There's a scroll that you can pick up near the Tatami Mat in the tea room, you won't miss it.
  • Follow Yuriko outside towards the garden and walk with her. Another cutscene will then trigger when you bump into Taichi, one of the helpers.
  • Head to the cemetery area and visit the grave of Jin's father.

Compose a Haiku

  • Upon arriving at the grave, you'll enter a mode where you can compose a Haiku. While in this tranquil scenery, you will be able to compose a poem that consists of three phrases based on the environment around you.
  • Move the Right analog stick to look around for points of interest to see the phrases, then press the X button to select the phrase.

Collect your Father's Armor

  • Next, head back to Jin's house to collect his father's armor.
  • Another cutscene will trigger once you arrive back inside the house.
  • You'll now obtain the Sakai Mask and the Sakai Clan Armor.
  • After the cutscene, a group of straw hat swordsmen will attack Jin.
  • You can either challenge them to a standoff since the new armor will allow Jin to extend the streak by one, as well as a chance to terrify nearby enemies, or you can simply fight them.
  • After killing them, speak to Yuriko who's standing by the main gate and walk with her - another cutscene will trigger once you reach the lake.

Collect the resources

  • After the cutscene, you'll need to find resources for Yuriko to craft a tool for Jin.
  • Make your way to the old crossing to collect the reeds. The location is located on the south-east part of the map which is Kishibe Village.
  • When you arrive at the location, you will have to liberate the village that is now a Mongol outpost.
  • You will be given sub-tasks upon arriving such as defeating all the Mongols, destroying the black powder cache, eliminating the war camp general, and recovering 4/4 Sahimono Banners. You will also be given a bonus task.
  • If you want to avoid the battle, you can just head straight towards the bridge of the village, and collect the reeds which are underneath it.
  • Once you have the item, you can either ride back to Omi Village or use fast travel, then speak to Yuriko who's still by the lake.
  • Next, ride with Yuriko to a campsite near Kubara Forest - you just need to follow her until you reach the destination.
  • Upon arriving at the campsite, you'll need to collect three flowers. Its location will be automatically marked for you to find, and it's literally around the campsite - return to Yuriko once you have all three and she'll start to brew up the poison.

Poison a Straw Hat with your blowgun

  • Great, now it's time to test out the Blowgun. You'll find yourself on high ground overlooking two straw hat ronin interrogating a peasant.
  • Simply aim at them and shoot the poisonous darts at them. They will start to throw up and then die.
  • After testing out the blowgun, head back to Yuriko and speak to her to complete this quest.


Ghosts from the Past Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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