Horse Charge

TP Cost n/a
Prerequisite Sakai Horse Armor
Technique Type Ghost Technique

Horse Charge is one of the Ghost Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Ghost Techniques are divided into two types which are Ghost Weapons that allow the player on how to build Jin through unlocking powerful weapons, and Evolving Tactics which are combat skills that are fit for becoming the stealthy ghost.


Horse Charge Description

Ride forward in an all-out charge that can throw and damage even large groups of enemies.


Horse Charge Information

  • Technique Points Required: n/a
  • Prerequisite: Sakai Horse Armor
  • Technique Type: Ghost Technique (Evolving Tactics)
  • Found at Iki Island
  • Complete the Mythic TaleThe Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai
  • Horse Charge only becomes active or can be used during combat/exploration while you are riding the horse and if this saddle skin is equipped.
  • To charge enemies, press and hold the L1 button.
  • Requires 1 Resolve to activate. Drains Resolve while active.
  • This technique is exclusive to the DLC and players must own either the physical copy of the Director's Cut game edition which includes the expansion or separately purchased the Iki Island Expansion DLC


Horse Charge Notes

  • ??
  • Notes on this skill go here



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