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Hunted is a Key Item in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Key items are used by players to advance certain questlines, access locked areas. These can be found in specific areas of a Location, dropped by Bosses or Enemies, or are given by an NPC.


The Mongols came at night.

Luckily, father was on watch. He set fire to the bridge and we ran away, but not before they shot an arrow through his leg. I cleaned the wound. He's sleeping now. I think he has a fever.


Hunted Usage

  • A collectible item that indicates a series of scrolls that is left by the son of a family who tries to escape from the Mongols and takes refuge in a shrine.
  • Related Scrolls: Shrine ProtectionHuntedPrayers to KamiBurial.


Hunted Location/Where to Find

  • Arrow Peak Shrine, Izuhara region, north of Sakimori Overlook, in Azamo prefecture.


Hunted Notes and Tips

  • ??
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