Key of Ijima

Type Key Item
Related Quest The Unbreakable Gosaku

Key of Ijima is a Key Item in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Key items are used by players to advance certain questlines, access locked areas. These can be found in specific areas of a Location, dropped by Bosses or Enemies, or are given by an NPC.


One of the six keys said to lead to Gosaku's Armor. Gifted by the farmers of Ijima Farmstead.


Key of Ijima Usage

  • One of the six keys that grant access to where Gosaku's Armor is stored.


Key of Ijima Location/Where to Find

  • The Key of Iijima is north of Wakou’s Inlet and east of Iijima Swamp in the Iijima Farmstead on Toyotama.


Key of Ijima Notes and Tips

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