Location Fort Sakai
Related Quest The Lightning in the Storm
Reward/s Saddlebags, Tribal Terror

Khunbish is a boss in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). In Ghost of Tsushima, boss encounters are categorized as a duel where the boss and Jin battle in a traditional sword-fight. Players will not be able to use tools here, but any mechanic that supports melee combat can be used, such as parrying, dodging, using Combat Stances and Samurai Techniques.


Khunbish Locations & Drops


How to Beat Khunbish

Khunbish Boss Guide:

 Take advantage of the new Target Lock feature to focus on Kkunbish.  When the duel begins, approach him with an attack if his defenses are down. If not, be ready to block his attacks. Wait for an opening to make an attack. There is usually an opportunity for attack everytime he attempts to attack you. Get ready to block then quickly attack him back. Try to put in a combo attack and only stop until you see Khunbish draw back and then counter his attack. When Kunbish's health is down to almost nothing, he will flee from the duel. Follow him into the building and head up two sets up ladders. Khunbish will throw stick bombs down the second ladder, so avoid them. When you reach the balcony area, another scene will play and the battle will be over.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter




Notes & Trivia

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