Location Umugi Cove
Related Quest The Six Blades of Kojiro

Kojiro is a boss in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). In Ghost of Tsushima, boss encounters are categorized as a duel where the boss and Jin battle in a traditional sword-fight. Players will not be able to use tools here, but any mechanic that supports melee combat can be used, such as parrying, dodging, using Combat Stances and Samurai Techniques.


Kojiro Locations & Drops


How to Beat Kojiro

Kojiro Boss Guide:


Just like any duel, you'll have to rely on your patience and take advantage of counterattacks when you successfully dodge his unblockable attacks.
Most of the time Kojiro will keep his guard up and he'll strike you if you keep attacking.
This time, it's all about your skill in parrying, blocking, and dodging.
A recommended tip here is to invest in unlocking the Perfect Dodge technique. Kojiro moves a lot and is fast compared to the other straw hats, so you'll heavily rely on dodging. And with the perfect dodge technique, you can unleash a lethal attack if you hit the mark correctly.
use the SAMURAI CLAN ARMOR. This tale is available in Act 2, so you've already gotten the armor from Act 1. It's unmissable, and you'll obtain that from completing the main tale, The Tale of Lady Masako.
The Samurai Clan Armor reduces the damage dealt by enemies, increases Jin's health, and the recovery rate of his resolve whenever he takes damage. Invest in upgrading this armor - although it may take a bit of time to defeat him, at least with defense being the trick up your sleeve, Kojiro will have a hard time to defeat you.
Take note when he sheathes his blade. Do not attack him! But wait for him to strike and use a sidestep to dodge then counterattack.
Repeat this process and you'll eventually win the duel.






Notes & Trivia

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