Letter from Sadao

Type Key Item
Related Quest The Headman

Letter from Sadao is a Key Item in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Key items are used by players to advance certain questlines, access locked areas. These can be found in specific areas of a Location, dropped by Bosses or Enemies, or are given by an NPC.



Word of my involvement in the Adachi massacre has gotten out. I'm sure it didn't come from you. You know the danger of talking.

Not only to my life, but yours as well. Remain hidden and silent until I send for you.

Trust in my cousins, their loyalty to me, and skill with the blade. If you meet anyone bearing this mon, take your own life.

All my love, Sadao


Letter from Sadao Usage

  • This is used to progress the side quests of Lady Masako
  • A piece of evidence used to track down the traitors who turned against the Adachi Clan.


Letter from Sadao Location/Where to Find


Letter from Sadao Notes and Tips

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