Lord Shimura

Lord Shimura
Location Omi Village
Related Quest The Tale of Lord Shimura
Reward/s Major Legend Increase

Lord Shimura is the final boss in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). In Ghost of Tsushima, boss encounters are categorized as a duel where the boss and Jin battle in a traditional sword-fight. Players will not be able to use tools here, but any mechanic that supports melee combat can be used, such as parrying, dodging, using Combat Stances and Samurai Techniques.


Lord Shimura Locations & Drops


How to Beat Lord Shimura

Lord Shimura Boss Guide:


Stone Stance will be your go-to stance here for this duel. Watch out for the red unblockable attacks and make sure you dodge it. At this point in the game, you should have unlocked most of the techniques, especially the Unyielding Sword Parry technique. If you have unlocked that technique, you will be able to parry blue attacks. Successfully landing the parry will allow Jin to counterattack as well. To defeat him easily, make sure to use Heavenly Strike and Dance of Wrath if you have enough Resolve nodes. And if the Ghost Stance is available, go ahead and use it.

Once you've depleted Lord Shimura's health bar, you will be given the option to walk away and to let him live or to honor his wish by killing him. Whichever choice you pick will not affect the trophy you acquire for completing the game.

If you choose to let him live, Lord Shimura will warn him that "The Ghost will be hunted for the rest of his days" and that Jin is fully aware of the path he takes. This is considered the good ending of the game. Jin wears his signature mask and walks away.

If you choose to kill him, you will be given a second option to confirm your decision. Jin then says his last words, uses his tanto, and plunges it into Lord Shimura. He honors his uncle's wish of recognizing the way of the samurai and weeps in sorrow as Lord Shimura dies in his arms. This is considered the bad ending of the game.

This finishes the game and Jin's journey.





Notes & Trivia

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