Mongol War Dogs

Weakness Any melee attack

Mongol War Dogs is an enemy in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Enemies are hostile characters that appear in various locations of the game, enemies are presented as Mongol soldiers, bandits, ronin, as well as animals. All enemies are encountered throughout the island of Tsushima in campsites, along the road, settlements, and many more.


Mongol War Dogs Information

  • These dogs are hostile and are usually seen in Mongol forts, camps, and settlements. They are quite agile and only have one unblockable bite attack where they grab Jin's arm, which stops Jin's movements for a brief moment.
  • Players can easily kill them with two melee attacks or with one shot with the bow and arrow.


Mongol War Dogs Drops



Mongol War Dogs Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here.
  • Defeating enemies in random encounters such as patrols seen on roads rewards Jin with a Minor Legend Increase to his Legend Rank.



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