Mongol Warlord

Weakness Stone Stance
Wind Stance
Water Stance

Mongol Warlord is an enemy in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Enemies are hostile characters that appear in various locations of the game, enemies are presented as Mongol soldiers, bandits, ronin, as well as animals. All enemies are encountered throughout the island of Tsushima in campsites, along the road, settlements, and many more.


Mongol Warlord Information

  • A Mongol Warlord can easily be identified from their appearance. Mongol Warlords are heavily protected with a gold plated set of armor from head to toe.
  • Mongol Warlords differ from one another when it comes to combat, some can be seen wielding two swords, some fight with a spear, while the others wield a shield and sword.
  • If a player encounters a Mongol Warlord in a Mongol encampment, observing them will grant you a Stance point, and killing them as well will grant you a point. So make sure to observe them first before killing them to get two points.
  • If you encounter a Mongol Warlord that wields two swords, use Stone Stance, for a warlord wielding a shield, switch to Water Stance, while a Warlord wielding a spear is weak against Wind Stance.


Mongol Warlord Drops



Mongol Warlord Notes & Tips

  • Other notes and tips go here.
  • Defeating enemies in random encounters such as patrols seen on roads rewards Jin with a Minor Legend Increase to his Legend Rank.



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