Peace for the Divine

Prerequisite n/a
Reward/s x14 Linen
Charm of Fortune I
Minor Legend Increase
Location Old Toyotama Hills
Quest Giver n/a

Peace for the Divine is a Side Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Tales of Tsushima are categorized as the typical side quests of the game, these are optional where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Side Quests heavily focuses on stories that revolve around NPCs encountered throughout the game. Completing a side quest rewards Jin with unique items and many more.


There's a shrine near here with smoke coming from its location. I hope it's all right.


Peace for the Divine Information

  • Location: Old Toyotama Hills
  • Quest Giver: n/a
  • Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura
  • Region: Toyotama
  • Prerequisite: n/a


Peace for the Divine Rewards


Peace for the Divine Objectives

  • Examine the destroyed Shrine
  • Follow the Fox
  • Avenge the Sacred Fox


Peace for the Divine Walkthrough

Examine the destroyed Shrine

  • Players can obtain this side quest through exploration.
  • Travel to Old Toyotama Hills and you'll see white smoke from afar. Head towards it and you'll find a destroyed Inari Shrine.
  • Examine the area to search for clues.
    • First, you'll see a carcass of a fox.
    • Next are the pillars and remains of the shrine that have been destroyed.

Follow the Fox

  • Upon examining the destroyed shrine, another fox will appear, simply follow it and it will lead you to the Mongols who are responsible for destroying the sacred place.
  • Through the bamboo forest, you'll encounter Mongol guards roaming around along with their guard dog. Use the pampas grass to sneak around them and assassinate them when you see an opening.
  • Be careful of the archers here since they are capable of firing two arrows in succession once they start to fire at you. Dodge roll or hold your block button up to deflect it if you have the Deflect Arrows technique unlocked.
  • Simply kill all the Mongols around the area and return to the fox. Follow it towards the outer section of the bamboo forest and you'll encounter more Mongols by the stone bridge.

Avenge the Sacred Fox

  • Again, clear the area and continue following the fox which will lead you to a small campsite of the Mongols where you'll find more dead foxes.
  • Now, it's the same objective, kill all the soldiers and avenge the sacred fox. You will be facing archers and swordsmen here, so it's better to try and assassinate them one by one to thin out their numbers. But if you decide to fight them head-on, make sure to take out the guard dogs first and then the archers.
  • You'll complete this side quest after you've cleared out the camp.


Peace for the Divine Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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