Perfect Healing Parry

Perfect Healing Parry
TP Cost _TPcost_
Prerequisite Perfect Parry
Technique Type Samurai Technique

Perfect Healing Parry is one of the Samurai Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Samurai Techniques are categorized into two groups, combat techniques are divided into three types which are "Deflection", "Evasion", and "Mythic" that improves Jin's capability in combat. While Exploration techniques focus on upgrading the power of the guiding wind to increase Jin's awareness towards exploring Tsushima Island. There are 18 combat techniques that can be unlocked, while exploration has a total of 5 skills.


Perfect Healing Parry Description

Perfect Parries recover a small amount of health.


Perfect Healing Parry Information

  • Technique Points Required: _TPcost_
  • Prerequisite: Perfect Parry
  • Technique Type: Samurai Technique
  • Unlocking this technique grants access to Deflect Arrows.
  • Press L1 right before taking damage, then press  or  to counterattack.
  • Jin can now recover a small amount of health along with a moderate amount of resolve for a landing a perfect parry.


Perfect Healing Parry Notes

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Samurai Techniques
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