Poison Dart

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Weapon Required Blowgun
Available Upgrades 3
Effect poisons enemies.

Poison Dart is a type of ammo in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Poison Dart are shot by the Blowgun. Passes through armor and poisons enemies. There are various weapons in the game that Jin can discover and use in battle, as the game progresses, players can also upgrade the level of each weapon to unlock more perks and to increase the effectiveness of the weapon.


Shot by the Blowgun. Passes through armor and poisons enemies.


Poison Dart Information

  • Shot with the Blowgun. Passes through armor and poisons enemies.
  • The poisoned dart is coated in a deadly poison, made from wolfsbane seeds.
  • The victim, who was hit by the dart, will start spitting blood and die in agony after a while.
  • The death of an enemy can cause terror debuff among other enemies.


Poison Dart Acquisition

  • They are available after you get the blowgun.
  • Darts cannot be bought from merchants or found as loot in the game world.
  • To get more poison darts, you have to find Purple flowers 
  • Jin will automatically create darts if the proper flowers were picked. This is the only type of ammo that can be obtained by using crafting.


Poison Dart Upgrades

  Required Resources Weapon Upgrades
Poison Dart Capacity I n/a Capacity x Poison Dart
Poison Dart Capacity II x10 Predator Hides Capacity x3 Poison Dart
Poison Dart Capacity III x20 Predator Hides Capacity x4 Poison Dart



Poison Dart Notes & Tips

  • They are best used against the strongest enemies, as they are guaranteed to kill after a brief period of time. However, this will cause any enemies not terrified by the effect to become temporarily alerted.
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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