Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Sakai Katana
Broken Armor
Location Tsushima Island
Quest Giver n/a

Prologue is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


The Mongol Empire is invading our home. They are brutal. Relentless. Unstoppable.

We are eighty samurai against an army. Fighting to slow the invasion. Today... I die for my people.


Prologue Information


Prologue Related NPCs


Prologue Rewards


Prologue Objectives

  • Search for your Katana.
  • Do not raise the alarm.
  • Search the house for your katana.
  • Leave the house to continue your search.
  • Follow Yuna to recover your sword.
  • Collect Supplies
  • Enter Toru's house.
  • Defeat the Mongol.
  • Follow Yuna.
  • Defeat the Mongols.
  • Help whoever is in trouble.
  • Defeat the Mongols at the stables.


Prologue Walkthrough

The Mongol Invasion

The game begins at the start of the battlefield against 80 Samurai and a Mongol army. The year is 1274 and the Mongol Empire has arrived in Tsushima Island where it is the only thing that stands in their way from invading and reaching the main archipelago of Japan. Players will be given the option to choose their preferred game mechanics such as the difficulty, audio output, and experience. Upon starting, players will see Jin Sakai along with Lord Shimura who is now marching into battle along with the rest of the warriors. They stand their ground, aiming to defend and slow down the Mongols from taking over the island and reaching Japan - Shimura then sends Lord Adachi to confront and fight the Mongol Soldiers.

Lord Adachi arrives at the group of Mongol Soldiers and challenges them to send their finest warrior to fight him, and Khotun Khan, the general of the Mongol Empire steps forward. Looking unimpressed, General Khan throws alcohol at him, sets him on fire, and decapacitates the warrior. General Khan then taunts the samurai and asks them to surrender, but Lord Shimura who is now fueled with anger stands his ground and initiates the first attack.

Players will now take control of Jin as he and his allies head into battle. This is mainly an introduction of the game and the game will prompt you with tutorials such as attacking enemies. Eventually, Jin gets hit by the blast from the explosion and you'll need to fight through the Mongol soldiers on foot alongside Lord Shimura and the rest of the surviving samurai. You'll then reach the other end of the beach where Shimura and Jin find General Khan and attempts to attack him but is again hit by a projectile from a catapult. Lord Shimura is then captured by Mongol soldiers, Jin is shot down, and the rest of the samurai warriors have fallen - although it seems the Samurai have fallen, players are prompted to press the X button and a gust of wind appears. Only to find that Jin has survived the battle.

A Samurai Rises

Jin awakens but is fatally wounded and is unaware of how he got to where he is. You'll now regain control of Jin, go straight and you'll see a small village from afar that the Mongols have invaded and is starting to capture villagers and seize settlements. Go right and squeeze through the gap, your first objective will be prompted which is to "Search for your Katana". You are unarmed and will be given another objective which is "Do not Raise the Alarm", meaning, avoid getting seen, sneak your way through the village, and find your weapon. The village is full of Mongol Soldiers searching the area, so be careful, you can press the Touchpad of the controller to enter Focus mode to hear nearby enemy movements.

Simply go straight, and you'll see some footsteps on the soil. Examine it, follow it, and head inside the nearby house on the left. Inside the house, turn right and collect the Broken Armor next to the bedroom. After wearing the armor, approach the door on the right and interact with it to trigger a cutscene where Jin meets a woman named Yuna who is the one who saved Jin.

After the cutscene, follow Yuna to recover Jin's katana. But remember, stay low and do not raise the alarm! Follow Yuna and jump through the window. You'll be prompted a tutorial on crouching and hiding from an enemy's sight. When you reach the other end of the village, another cutscene will trigger explaining the whereabouts of Lord Shimura. After the cutscene, continue following Yuna through the village and hide behind objects to avoid getting seen by the enemy soldiers.

After reaching the other side of the village, Yuna tells Jin that they'll need to maneuver through the roofs to get around the soldiers. The game will then prompt instructions on how to climb. Continue following Yuna through the rooftops until heading inside a house. You'll find 7x Supplies on the right upon entering the window. Next, climb down the ladder, and you'll find 12x Supplies near it on the left side. After collecting the supplies, follow Yuna and go through the wall flap - continue working your way around the village and avoid being seen.

You'll now reach Toru's house. Head inside from the broken window and search the house. You'll find 5x Supplies here and near the corpse, you'll be able to collect Jin's main weapon, the Sakai Katana. A cutscene will then trigger upon collecting the weapon. You'll enter a flashback where you'll find a young Jin who is being trained by Lord Shimura. Complete the combat tutorial to progress the story. Take your time to cycle through the tutorial since it will explain some important points regarding the combat mechanic of the game.

Once you've completed the tutorial, you'll return to the present day and you'll now formally fight your first enemy. The Mongol guard you'll encounter will be wielding a spear, he can push you back if you go blazing in. Watch for his movements, dodge when he attacks, and follow-up with a counter-attack. Watch out for the red glinting lines since these are attacks that cannot be blocked (at the moment) and can inflict a significant amount of damage if you get caught - after defeating the Mongol, continue following Yuna to the stables.

Before reaching the stables, you'll have to fight 3x Sword-wielding Mongol Soldiers to proceed further. After killing them, you'll hear some screams and cries. Head towards the burning farmhouse and you'll encounter 2x Sword-wielding Mongol Soldiers. Defeat them and another cutscene will trigger. You'll meet Kiheiji who is guarding his son. During the cutscene, you'll learn that Yuna's brother is captured and requests for Jin's help to save his brother. Head to the stables and defeat the rest of the Mongols guarding the area. From here you'll be given the option to select your horse from either the Black, White, or Dapple horse. You'll also be able to choose a name for it, Nobu (Trust), Sora (Sky), or Kage (Shadow). Choose wisely since this will be permanent throughout the entire game. After selecting your horse, Jin and Yuna will now travel to Castle Kaneda.



Prologue Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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