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Records in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) is a collectible item. There are 40 records in the game. Found all over the island, in towns, Mongol camps, settlements, shrines, and other places - Records are personal accounts, poems, and messages written by the people of Tsushima, documenting life during the Mongol invasion. This page covers information regarding the location of all the record scrolls found in the game.


Records Information

  • Records are scattered across the vast island of Tsushima.
  • It usually is hidden and can be found in settlements, towns, campsites, shrines, and many more.
  • There is a total number of 40 Records that can be found in the game.
  • Records are presented as a scroll where various information regarding the story's lore is indicated.
  • Finding a record scroll allows the player to fully understand various plots and points of the story.


Records List

Come Home

Kame, bring my granddaughter and meet me in Akashima. Leave that man. He has always been cruel, a snake. The Adachi woman saw that. The war is no threat compared to him. You will be safer braving roads filled with Mongols than continuing to sleep under his roof. I will look for you in two days time. Omi Village Region 2: Toyotama

Conversations with the Khan 1

What can a simple monk like me hope to accomplish by recording my conversations with Khotun Khan? My aim is to document his words and deeds, in order to counter the natural suspicions of the people of Tsushima, foster mutual understanding, and thereby prevent more bloodshed.
The Khan has been most receptive to these talks, and surprisingly frank on a range of matters, though I am a mere translator, and Japanese to boot. His ambition is boundless as any shogun's, and he has a keen sense of history, and his place in it. At the same time, he is eager to learn more about our culture and history.
Such an intriguing man.
Izuhara Clearing Region 1: Izuhara

Conversations with The Khan 2

Tonight, while we sampled a variety of fine sakes, Khotun Khan shared his insights into Tsushima's politics and history. We discussed at length the internal rivalries of the Nagaos, tensions between the Adachi and Kikuchi, and the reasons for Shimura's victory over Yarikawa—as if he's lived among us for decades!
Later, he confided his personal stake here. After the conquest of Goryeo, Khotun has been entrusted by Kublai Khan with subduing Japan. If he is successful, it will make his name... And allow him to vie for the title of Great Khan himself.
I did not dare to ask him if he meant to overthrow his cousin, Kublai. But I believe that was his insinuation.
Ogawa Dojo Region 1: Izuhara

Conversations with the Khan 3

A very interesting week! Khotun Khan is holding Lord Shimura captive at Castle Kaneda. He confided that the former jito is more valuable to him alive than dead. In fact, Khotun plans to make him an offer.
Through spies and informants, Khotun knows Shimura's ambitions reach beyond Tsushima. And he also knows Shimura's wife and sons died prematurely and tragically, so he lacks an heir. Khotun's offer: join the Mongol cause, and Shimura will be made Shogun, to rule as Khotun's right hand man... And, along with Goryeo, aid Khotun in overthrowing Kublai.
Any man who would stand in the way of Khotun Khan is a fool. And from what I hear, Shimura is many things, but not that.
Ogawa Dojo Region 1: Izuhara

Conversations with the Khan 4

Lately, Khotun Khan has spoken often of home. A lifelong eagle hunter, before departing for the Goryeo campaign, he released his favorite golden eagle, which he nicknamed "Little Brother." Then our talk turned once more to politics....
The empire is driven by family and tribal clashes, much like our competing clans here. He told me a battle for succession broke out after Genghis Khan's death. About ten years ago, Kublai emerged the victor—but it is by no means assured he will remain so.
Khotun feels the great mistake of Kublai's rivals is a too rigid adherence to the old ways of the steppes, which he compares to what he sees as Lord Shimura's over-reliance on the traditions of the samurai.
Jito's Point Region 1: Izuhara

Conversations with the Khan 5

Today was terrible. Khotun burst into his quarters in a rage and shattered a rather exquisite table that came from a land called "Kashumiru." I write this casually now, but I was truly terrified and convinced death was at hand. These are people who drink horse blood, after all.
After some time I was able to calm Khotun down enough to tease out the source of his ire—Lord Shimura refused his offer of alliance! It's clear that Khotun does not regard Shimura's cooperation as crucial to his designs for the mainland—but he is not accustomed to being denied. Lord Shimura's spine must be made of katana steel to say no to this man.
Azamo Logging Base Region 1: Izuhara

Conversations with The Khan 6

Khotun appears to have put the events of Castle Kaneda, and the liberation of Lord Shimura, behind him. Partly because he holds Castle Shimura, which is strategically more important to maintain control of the island. It also shields his forces in the north, who carry out orders so secret that I have not been able to discover what they might be. And I think it gives Khotun pleasure to defile the seat of the Shimura clan's power.
In any event, Khotun seems confident that his enemies will exhaust themselves fighting amongst each other and the Mongols. All he need do is stock up on food, supplies, and munitions, and depart for the mainland when the time is right.
Numata Settlement Region 2: Toyotama

Conversations with the Khan 7

All Khotun Khan wants to talk about is this "Ghost." Apparently, Lord Shimura's nephew has half the island believing he is some kind of vengeful samurai spirit, returned from the dead to stop the Mongol invasion. Ridiculous! The young man is an upstart supported by a band of sad misfits, if the rumors are to be believed.
But Jin Sakai daily occupies Khotun's thoughts—far more than is warranted, in my opinion. Khotun sees an opportunity to divide the people, who seem to adore the Ghost, from Lord Shimura and the other samurai. I have no doubt he can and will exploit this to his advantage.
Fort Imai Region 2: Toyotama

Conversations with the Khan 8

Khotun senses a potential rift forming between the Ghost and Lord Shimura. While I expressed doubt, he assured me the empire has had long experience with such proud warriors. He said to me,"Daizo, there is nothing easier than to prey upon the vanity of ambitious men.
"People say my grandfather, Genghis Khan, conquered the world because his armies were stronger, faster, and more ruthless than those who opposed him. Nonsense. Ruthless men make war everywhere.
"Genghis knew how to befriend enemies, and turn his enemies against one another. That is what Lord Shimura and his nephew do not grasp yet. But I will teach them."
May Kannon grant mercy to anyone who opposes this man.
Kishibe Village Region 2: Toyotama

Cry for Help

With my last carrier pigeon, I pray this note finds pitying eyes and ears. Please send help to Kin. At first we thought it was a terrible plague, but the invaders were unharmed. I don't remember who first figured it out... Poison. The invaders have poisoned us.
Mounds of the dead blacken in the sun. I doubt I will see another week of life. But I can hear a baby crying. I don't dare go out. Please someone help us.
Kin Sanctuary Region 3: Kamiagata

Dried Meat

Air-dried and ground meat called borts is used as rations by Mongol troops. Borts is easy to transport, cooked simply with water, and is often kept under the saddle to further tenderize it. Fort Koyasan Region 2: Toyotama

Deaf Ears

Lord Sakai instructed us to leave the village, to take refuge at Omi Monastery. But the gates are shut and no one will answer our calls. It's as if the place is abandoned. But at night I hear whispers over the walls. Prayers. The monks, begging the gods to protect them from the Mongols. But if the gods won't protect them, what chance do we have? Omi Village Region 2: Toyotama

Milk Rack

Since fermented milk products are a staple of the Mongol diet, soldiers travel with many utensils and materials for processing dairy cultures.
Milk is traditionally prepared by cloth filtration, followed by storage in a large, open leather sack (the khukhuur). These sacks are normally suspended near the entrance of a yurt, though sometimes they are also strapped to the side of a horse's saddle, and thus agitated over the course of a day's riding.
Rebel's Retreat Region 2: Toyotama

Deliver to Sensei Ishikawa

Sensei Ishikawa, Lord Hirotsune Nagao urgently requests your presence in Komoda. I am instructed to give you my horse, and all the supplies you require, to make the journey immediately in defense of our lands. Please lay aside any concern for past misunderstandings, as his lordship assures you the archers of clan Nagao recall their greatest exemplar with only the utmost fondness, respect, and devotion. Yasumasa Sasaki, Captain of the Right Guard of Lord Hirotsune Nagao Hiyoshi Springs Region 1: Izuhara


At first I thought I was dreaming. I've often found myself waking in the morning far from my bed without any idea how I got there. So when I woke to see the sacred yorishiro tree in flames, I thought it was a nightmare. But it's real. The entire forest is burning.
There is nowhere to run. This, too, will burn in the fire, and so I write my final wish:
I loved you all my life, Terute, but I could never work up the courage to tell you. Perhaps the wind will carry these ashes to you, and you will hear my final wish whispered to you in the tall grass.
Bitter Hills Garrsion Region 3: Kamiagata

First Meeting

Leave Komatsu Forge. The western invaders burn everything to the ground, put many to the sword, and take skilled laborers as slaves. They will come for you there, and your way with metal and stone will guarantee captivity.
If you can, make haste to Castle Kaneda. There are rumors it is still in the jito's hands. I'm taking my family there as soon I can.
Komatsu Forge Region 1: Izuhara

Healing Lessons

We have entered the Latter Day of the Law. Before the Mongols came, the people committed the gravest offenses with less concern than scratching an itch. But it has only become worse. Our mudras and mantras are useless. Our healing arts no longer cure illness—if anything, they are made worse by our ministrations.
Now the monks have been taken. What is the point of prayer when we are doomed?
Akashima Village Region 2: Toyotama

Lady Hana

Lady Hana hasn't left the main house in weeks. Mysterious visitors come and go. Some stay for hours, others for days. Never together. I recognized one as a monk, another looked to be no more than a peasant girl. Lady Hana is consumed with them. She does not let me inside other than to bring tea and rice. But when I do, I almost always hear the whisper of her sister's name. Sago Mill Region 3: Kamiagata

Hochi and the Warrior Monks

Today I met a group of monks from Cedar Temple. They are on the way to Akashima Village to help our healers there. The one in charge is called Hochi. A famous healer in the north, but a strange man.
A group of peasant fighters saved him from bandits, and this Hochi proceeded to lecture them on the sin of violence. At any rate, look for the monks' arrival, if they have not already reached you. Perhaps one of them can help uncle's injuries.
We are halfway to Kin. When we arrive safely at sister's house, I'll send word.
Akashima Village Region 2: Toyotama

Meet us in Umugi Cove

I asked Taro to run day and night to you with this message. Leave while you can. Komoda Town is ash. The walls of Azamo Bay will not keep these invaders out. They are not pirates or bandits from the bad old days... They are worse. They have massive weapons that cause fire to rain from the sky. We cannot hope to oppose them. Flee north to the foothills.
Azamo Bay Region 1: Izuhara

Music Stories to Remember

I not learn the good writing. But some must writing down songs of the biwa hoshi. Very good stories. But he killed by invaders then no more stories. Forgetted by all.
Long ago, there was bow using man. He save the town. Also another bow using man who kill the demons. And the man who is very fast with katana swings. So many others. Write more tomorrow. Now go deliver supplies to Jade Hills camp.
Hiyoshi Springs Region 1: Izuhara

Necessary for Survival

By order of Lady Sanjo, there are new rules for all who use this storage space.
Firstly, anyone caught stealing, "borrowing," or otherwise touching merchandise that does not belong to you, your colleague, or your direct employer, will be executed. No exceptions.
Secondly, anyone caught urinating, defecating, or spitting ,inside the storeroom will have a blade rammed through `the offending body part emitting said prohibited stances.
lib hirdly, Goro, if you're not too drunk to read this, I suggest you turn right around and walk out of here before someone catches you and executes you. No exceptions this time.
Umugi Cove Region 2: Toyotama

All Records Locations


Region 1: Izuhara



Izuhara Clearing


Records: Conversations with the Khan 1

Jito's Point


Records: Conversations with the Khan 4


Komoda Town



Ogawa Dojo


Records: Conversations with The Khan 2

Saicho's Point


Records: What Happened in Komoda


Yagata Shipyard


Records: Conversations with the Khan





Region 2: Toyotama



Numata Settlement


Records: Conversations with The Khan 6

Omi Village


Records: Deaf Ears, Remembrance, Come Home




Region 3: Kamiagata



Kin Sanctuary


Records: Cry for Help, Farewell

Sago Mill


Records: Watch Her, Lady Hana, The Dye House



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