TP Cost 1
Prerequisite n/a
Technique Type Samurai Technique

Roll is one of the Samurai Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Samurai Techniques are categorized into two groups, combat techniques are divided into three types which are "Deflection", "Evasion", and "Mythic" that improves Jin's capability in combat. While Exploration techniques focus on upgrading the power of the guiding wind to increase Jin's awareness towards exploring Tsushima Island. There are 18 combat techniques that can be unlocked, while exploration has a total of 5 skills.


Roll Description

Roll across the ground to avoid attacks.


Roll Information

  • Technique Points Required: 1
  • Prerequisite: n/a
  • Technique Type: Samurai Technique
  • Press the button twice to roll.
  • Jin can now execute a combat roll to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Rolling also extinguishes the burning effect if Jin is covered in flames.
  • Unlocking this technique grants access to Dodging Slash and Sprint Strike.


Roll Notes

  • ??
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