Location Castle Kaneda (1st Encounter)
Castle Shimura (Second Encounter)
Related Quest Shadow of the Samurai (1st Encounter)
From the Darkness (Second Encounter)
Reward/s Ghost Armor (Second Encounter)
Major Legend Increase (Second Encounter)

Ryuzo is a boss and a NPC in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). In Ghost of Tsushima, boss encounters are categorized as a duel where the boss and Jin battle in a traditional sword-fight. Players will not be able to use tools here, but any mechanic that supports melee combat can be used, such as parrying, dodging, using Combat Stances and Samurai Techniques.


Ryuzo Locations & Drops


How to Beat Ryuzo

Ryuzo Boss Guide First Encounter:


One of Ryuzo's unblockable attacks can be parried if you've unlocked the Unyielding Sword Parry technique that is found under Samurai Techniques. If you haven't unlocked the technique, your only option is to dodge his attack.
Ryuzo is an agile warrior. So it's best to defeat him with counterattacks after a successful parry or dodge.
Also, maintain your distance since he can deliver a flurry of attacks or kick Jin to stagger him. 



Ryuzo Boss Guide Second Encounter:

In this second encounter Ryozo moves the same when you fought him in the quest "Shadow of the Samurai".
Stone Stance is best to use against him.
Watch out for the unblockable attacks which are highlighted with a red line. Dodge and then counterattack.
By now you also should have unlocked the Unyielding Sword Parry technique. If you did, you will be able to block and parry his attacks that are indicated with a blue line.
When the opportunity is available, use one of your Mythic attacks such as Heavenly Strike to attack him with an unblockable attack. Just remember that unleashing a mythic attack requires Resolve. So keep an eye out for the number of Resolves that you have.





Notes & Trivia

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