Sakai Tanto

Saiko Tanto
Weapon Type Short Dagger
Available Upgrades 3
Effect Assassinate enemies faster and more quietly.

Sakai Tanto is a Weapon in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Short Description. There are various weapons in the game that Jin can discover and use in battle, as the game progresses, players can also upgrade the level of each weapon to unlock more perks and to increase the effectiveness of the weapon.


Jin Sakai's secondary weapon. It is a short dagger that is used for quick and stealthy assassinations.


Sakai Tanto Information

  • The Sakai Tanto can be upgraded to a max level of 3.
  • For customization, the saya or scabbard of the tanto can be changed by equipping Sword Kits.
  • Players will need to obtain a certain amount of Resources and find a swordsmith to upgrade the level of this weapon.
  • Speed determines how fast Jin assassinates his enemies while Stealth determines how quiet Jin executes the assassination.


Sakai Tanto Acquisition

  • Jin Sakai's secondary weapon that is mainly used for stealthy assassinations.


Sakai Tanto Upgrades

  Required Resources Weapon Upgrades
Sakai Tanto I n/a Low Speed, Low Stealth.
Sakai Tanto II Supplies x150, Iron x30 Medium Speed, Medium Stealth.
Sakai Tanto III Supplies x300, Iron x70 Max. Speed, Max. Stealth.



Sakai Tanto Notes & Tips

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