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Swordsmith is a Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). The Swordsmith can be found in multiple locations on the island and he is the go-to smithy to upgrade the level of Jin Sakai's melee weapons. Merchants are special NPCs where players can trade goods and request for certain services.


Swordsmith Information


Swordsmith Location


Swordsmith Inventory

Weapon Name Weapon Level Resources Required
Sakai Katana II Supplies x150, Iron x10
III Supplies x300, Iron x25, Steel x5
IV Supplies x450, Iron x40, Steel x10, Gold, x1
V Supplies x600, Iron x65, Steel x20, Gold, x2
VI Supplies x750, Iron x80, Steel x40, Gold, x4
VII Supplies x1000, Iron x100, Steel x80, Gold, x6
Sakai Tanto II Supplies x150, Iron x30
III Supplies x300, Iron x70



Swordsmith Notes & Tips

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