The Curse of Uchitsune

Reward/s Longbow
Explosive Arrow
Moderate Legend Increase
Location Hiyoshi
Quest Giver Rumor from a villager

The Curse of Uchitsune is a Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Mythic Tales are optional mini side-quests provided by the locals, these quests are identified with a blue marker where Jin listens to stories and tales about legendary warriors as well as historical information about the island. Completing a Mythic Tale rewards players with unique various rewards.


The musician in Hiyoshi is reciting the myth of Uchitsune's longbow. I should hear this tale.


The Curse of Uchitsune Information

  • Region: Izuhara
  • Act 1 - Rescue Lord Shimura
  • Location: Hiyoshi
  • Quest Giver: Rumor from a villager
  • Prerequisite: Complete The Tale of Lady Masako (Masako Tale 1 of 9) main quest.


The Curse of Uchitsune Rewards


The Curse of Uchitsune Objectives

  • Find the musician in Hiyoshi
  • Search the Hiyoshi coast for blue flowers
  • Follow the blue flowers
  • Investigate the tomb
  • Search Hiyoshi for the island
  • Follow the blue flowers
  • Investigate the island
  • Search Hiyoshi for the mountain
  • Follow the blue flowers
  • Pick up the longbow
  • Defeat the Tengu Demon


The Curse of Uchitsune Walkthrough

Find the musician in Hiyoshi

  • Head to the village in Hiyoshi which is near the Hidden Springs Forest on the map. It's on the middle far east side of the map.
  • You won't miss the biwa-playing musician. He's outside and you'll see other villagers who are sitting around him. Approach the group and sit down to listen to the tale of Uchitsune.

Search the Hiyoshi coast for blue flowers

  • After listening to the tale, you'll obtain your next objective.
  • Yamato, the musician will give you clues regarding Uchitsune's path.
  • Uchitsune is obsessed with blue hydrangeas, so you'll need to look for a cost of blue flowers.
  • Within the search area, investigate the centermost part of the zone and you'll find the blue flowers.
  • Better to open your map and pin the center point within the search zone.
  • When you find the blue flowers, follow it until you reach a stone hill.
  • Here, you'll find a hill that turns out to be a tomb. There's a gap near it which you can squeeze through to enter.

Investigate the Tomb

  • Once inside, crawl through the small opening and jump down to where the marker is. You'll find Uchitsune's resting place and painting which you can examine which will give you the location for the next objective, which is an island that is surrounded by blue flowers.
  • Upon acquiring the painting, you'll be able to discover Uchitsune's Tomb.
  • Crawl through the small gap, follow the path, jump across the ledge, and squeeze through another crack to exit the tomb.

Search Hiyoshi for the island

  • As soon as you step out, flaming arrows will rain from above and a cutscene will trigger.
  • You'll find a monk standing above you on a ledge, telling Jin to stop looking for the cursed bow and runs off.
  • Back as Jin, continue your search for the island.
  • You can use the painting you obtained from the tomb by swiping left on the Touchpad to enlarge it, then swipe right to minimize the painting.
  • The location can be found near Isonade Coast. And within the search zone, check the northwest side of it. Best to use your horse to travel to the next location.
  • You'll be able to identify if you're on the right path once you start to see blue hydrangeas around the area.
  • Simply follow the blue flowers until you reach the shoreline at the bottom.
  • Upon reaching the shoreline, you'll need to swim across to reach the island that's full of blue hydrangeas.

Investigate the Island

  • Once you've swum across, head inside the cave and you'll see another painting which is your next clue. The painting shows a mountain surrounded by blue flowers.
  • You'll now need to search for the mountain indicated in the painting.
  • Upon exiting the cave, another cutscene will trigger and the same monk will reappear, giving Jin his last warning.

Search Hiyoshi for the mountain

  • Swim back to the shoreline and mount the horse to find and travel to the mountain.
  • The mountain can be found in between Hidden Springs Forest, Yoichi's Slope, and Jade Hills.
  • Just like finding the island, you'll know when you're on the right path when you see blue hydrangeas.
  • Follow the blue flowers until you reach a hill and a grotto.
  • The blue flowers will also lead you to a pedestal where you'll find the Longbow.
  • Upon picking up the weapon, Jin will enter a dream-like state and you'll have to fight the Tengu Demon.

Defeat the Tengu Demon

  • For this battle, patience is key, and the answer to winning this duel.
  • The Tengu Demon is quite agile compared to the common warrior you've encountered. It is also capable of inflicting a large amount of damage if Jin's hit.
  • The majority of his attacks consist of unblockable strikes, so take this opportunity to counterattack him if you perfectly dodge his attacks.
  • Watch out for one of his moves where he places his katana back into the saya. He is preparing for an attack, wait for him the right moment and side-step right at the moment the attack lands to dodge and to follow up with a counter-attack.
  • You simply need to defeat him in order to complete this mythic tale.



The Curse of Uchitsune Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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