The Eagle’s Cry

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Quest Type Main Quest
Reward/s Major Legend Increase
Location Iki Island
Quest Giver Jin Sakai

The Eagle’s Cry is a Main Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) and an exclusive quest in the Iki Island Expansion. Main Quests in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are categorized as "Jin's Journey", these are highlighted in Gold and focuses on the main campaign of the game. Completing main quests reward Jin with various items such as reputation points, tools, resources, charms, and story progression. Please see Quests for other walkthroughs on other tasks.


My father built Fort Sakai fifteen years ago during the Samurai Invasion of Iki Island. Now, it could be a place of refuge to anyone fighting back against the invading Eagle Tribe. Perhaps I will find allies there.


The Eagle’s Cry Information


The Eagle’s Cry NPCs


The Eagle’s Cry Rewards

  • Major Legend Increase


The Eagle’s Cry Objectives

  • Reach Fort Sakai
  • Follow Yuna to reach Safety
  • Help Yuna open the Gate
  • Reach the Ravine to Escape


The Eagle’s Cry Walkthrough

Clear the Fort from the Mongols

  • Travel to Fort Sakai, which your father had built in the past.
  • Clear the Fort of Mongols as you ride through on your horse in order to learn the new "Charge" combat maneuver.
  • You will inevitably be taken as captive upon entering into the fort, as the story reveals that your plan had failed.

Escape the Compound with Yuna

  • Fortunately, Yuna will come to your rescue as the cutscene ends. Loot the chest as you escape the premises by taking her lead.

Unlatch the Large Gate

  • You will eventually come to a blockage in the form of a large gate. Give Yuna a hand at opening it.

Make an Exit Through the Ravine

  • Make your exit out of the Fort as you continue onwards, eventually escaping through the ravine.

Dream Sequence

  • You will enter into a dreaming state soon after. As flashbacks of from your father's invasion of Iki fifteen years ago plays in your head, you need to direct a Jin from the past along a group of confined cliffs.
  • Once you wake from this state to find yourself in present day again, talk to your rescuer, Tenzo the Raider, to complete the quest.



The Eagle’s Cry Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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