The Ghost and the Demon Sensei

Prerequisite Dreams of Conquest
Reward/s x2 Silk
Charm of Swift Return
Minor Legend Increase
Location Kamawata Village
Quest Giver Peasant

The Ghost and the Demon Sensei is a Side Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Tales of Tsushima are categorized as the typical side quests of the game, these are optional where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Side Quests heavily focuses on stories that revolve around NPCs encountered throughout the game. Completing a side quest rewards Jin with unique items and many more.


An Ishikawa Tale (6 of 9).

Sensei Ishikawa’s former student, Tomoe, has plans to erect Mongol archery training camps across Toyotama. One is in Kushi. There’s a small settlement just over the Yarikawa border where I can begin the hunt.


The Ghost and the Demon Sensei Information

  • Location: Kamawata Village
  • Quest Giver: Peasant
  • Act 2: Retake Castle Shimura
  • Region: Toyotama
  • Prerequisite: Complete the side quest "Dreams of Conquest".


The Ghost and the Demon Sensei Rewards


The Ghost and the Demon Sensei Objectives

  • Find someone who may have seen Ishikawa
  • Speak with the frightened man
  • Look for Ishikawa north of Kawamata Village
  • Defeat the Mongols attacking Ishikawa
  • Climb up the watchtower
  • Speak with Ishikawa
  • Go to the ambush site with Ishikawa
  • Investigate the remains of the convoy
  • Go to the ambush site with Ishikawa
  • Free the woman
  • Survive the ambush by Tomoe’s archers
  • Speak with Ishikawa


The Ghost and the Demon Sensei Walkthrough

Find someone who may have seen Ishikawa

  • This quest is available after completing "Dreams of Conquest"
  • Open your map or journal to track the location of this side quest.
  • Travel to the east of the area towards Kawamata Village to begin the quest.
  • When you arrive, one of the peasants will scream in fear when he sees "The Ghost".
  • Approach the frightened man and you'll hear about a rumor about "The Ghost and the Demon Sensei" who raids caravans.
  • After speaking to the man, mount your horse and head north of the village to look for Sensei Ishikawa.
  • You'll reach Old Toyotama Hills and encounter Mongol guards attacking Ishikawa.

Defeat the Mongols attacking Ishikawa

  • The group will have archers here trained by Tomoe, take them out first since they can inflict a lot of damage with those double shots.
  • Keep your block up to deflect the projectiles if you have the Deflect Arrows technique unlocked. Shoot them down if necessary or just rush towards them and attack them with the katana. A couple of slashes will kill them.
  • After killing the enemies, climb up to the watchtower and speak to the peasant next to Ishikawa.

Go to the ambush site with Ishikawa

  • Next, head to the ambush site with Ishikawa and ride with him to the west where you'll find the remains of a burning convoy.
  • Investigate the area for clues. First, you'll see a body tied to a bamboo branch that's pierced with a warning letter, Second, check the other dead bodies near the burning convoy, and third, a trail of blood and tracks on the right side.
  • Once you've searched the area, continue riding with Ishikawa, follow the trail, and head up the hill on the east side after making a hard left from the tracks - you'll then hear a woman screaming upon reaching the camp.

Survive the ambush by Tomoe’s archers

  • When you reach the camp, free the woman and a cutscene will trigger.
  • The woman then mentions that "She said I could live until the samurai came"
  • You'll then be ambushed by archers and the woman eventually gets shot and killed.
  • You'll now need to survive the ambush from the archers who are positioned at the top.
  • You could take cover inside the tent and shoot them down, or if you head to the wall behind the tent, you'll be able to climb to the top and fight the archers head-on.
  • After killing the archers, head back to Ishikawa and speak to him to trigger another cutscene.


The Ghost and the Demon Sensei Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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