The Ghost of Iki Island

Prerequisite Find this tale in Iki Island

Minor Utility Charm
Minor Legend Increase
+4 Leather

Location Kemeno Trail
Quest Giver Peasant

The Ghost of Iki Island is a Side Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) and an exclusive quest in the Iki Island Expansion. Tales of Iki are categorized as the typical side quests of the game, these are optional where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Side Quests heavily focuses on stories that revolve around NPCs encountered throughout the game. Completing a side quest rewards Jin with unique items and many more.


Someone on Iki Island is pretending to be the Ghost. I should find this imposter.


The Ghost of Iki Island Information

  • Location: Kemeno Trail
  • Quest Giver: Peasant
  • Act ??
  • Region: Iki Island
  • Prerequisite: Find this tale in Iki lsland.


The Ghost of Iki Island Rewards

  • +4 Leather
  • Minor Utility Charm
  • Minor Legend Increase


The Ghost of Iki Island Objectives

  • Travel to the Ghost’s offering site
  • Find what the Ghost was scouting for
  • Catch up to the Ghost
  • Track the Ghost imposter
  • Reach the bandits’ hideout to find the Ghost
  • Rescue the Ghost of Iki
  • Lead Kenji to safety at the campsite / Speak with Kenji and Fugu
  • Travel with Kenji and Fugu to the Viper’s Den
  • Walk with Kenji to meet the Viper / Speak with the Viper
  • Travel to the outskirts of Mongol camp with Kenji
  • Collect the Viper’s navigation charts
  • Meet Kenji near the Mongol camp / Speak with Kenji
  • Speak with the Viper


The Ghost of Iki Island Walkthrough

Examine the Scene at the Offering Site

  • The location of the offering site will appear on your map once you speak to the peasant at Kemono Trails. Head over to inspect the area, interact with the respective objects to trigger the games perspective to shift to first person observer view.

Identify the Ghost's Objective

  • In the middle of the scene by the houses, you shall find a circular outline. Press [x] to zoom in and view the area, where you should catch a glimpse of the imposter trying to make an escape.

Follow the Imposter

  • Run towards the houses to catch up to the fleeing imposter.

Trace the Imposter's Path

  • Travel towards the marker where you will reach a dirt path.
  • You should notice a set of footprints left behind in the mud. Hold the [R2] button to follow the footprints, which will lead you up to a campfire, and 2 people next to it in the middle of a discussion.
  • Run up to them to listen to their conversation. This should activate the next cutscene, which will disclose  that these 2 strangers are in fact raiders, as they speak of a debt in which the imposter has yet to repay.

Approach the Imposter in the Bandit's Lair

  • The stranger will reveal that you have not been chasing after the "Ghost" but instead, his accomplice. As he walks away, he claims that the Ghost was actually held captive at a hideout some 120 meters away, an you are to save him.

Free the Imposter

  • Head to the raiders hideout and free the imposter after taking down enemies. It turns out that this imposter is Kenji all along.

Escort Kenji Back to His Hideout, and Talk to Fugu

  • Escort Kenji as he takes you back to his campsite, where you shall then speak to his accomplice, Fugu.

Ride together with Kenji and Fugu

  • As the two young men mount their horses, summon yours by holding the left button and ride with them.

Meet the Viper

  • The 3 of you will arrive at a beach, where you will dismount and travel by foot into the settlement. There, you will meet the Viper - approach him and talk to him.
  • As the Viper initiates the conversation, you may choose to respond in 2 ways - Confrontational Tone: "Watch Your Tone" > "This isn’t a negotiation" , or Alleviating Tone: "I Am Not My Father" > "We can work this out".
  • Should you choose to be confrontational, the Viper will pitch himself against you in battle, but the fight will automatically end once he is low on health. If you choose to soften the situation by talking your way out, there will be no fight but dialogue instead.
  • Regardless, should you choose either option, the remainder of the quest will play out the same way.

Ride with Kenji to the Mongol Camp

  • Now that you have met the Viper, you will have to acquire navigation charts at the Mongol camp. Call your horse and ride there with Kenji (note: it is best to ride out the whole journey along side Kenji to ensure that he is not left astray).

Retrieve the Navigation Charts from the Camp

  • Take down the enemies guarding the camp
  • At the severed bridge adjacent to the large tent, you will find a set of glowing documents. Interact to pick them up.

Regroup Outside with Kenji

  • Follow the objective marker to promptly regather yourselves, which will conveniently teleport the two of you back to the Viper's den automatically.

Talk to the Viper Once More

  • Activate the dialogue sequence by speaking to the Viper again.
  • As the quest approaches the end, the dialogue will go on to feature Kenji's reflection on his actions, and subsequent decision to pass on his seat aboard the Viper's ship to Fugu, allowing his accomplice to escape while he remains on Iki Island instead, concluding his journey with an act of repentance.


The Ghost of Iki Island Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • ??
  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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