The Undying Flame

Reward/s Sword Kit
Way of the Flame
Moderate Legend Increase
Location Mt. Jogaku
Quest Giver Musician Yamato

The Undying Flame is a Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Mythic Tales are optional mini side-quests provided by the locals, these quests are identified with a blue marker where Jin listens to stories and tales about legendary warriors as well as historical information about the island. Completing a Mythic Tale rewards players with unique various rewards.


The Musician sings a tale about a flaming blade near Mount Jogaku.

He must be drawn there for a good reason. I should hear his tale before he tires of...


The Undying Flame Information

  • Act 3
  • Location: Mt. Jogaku
  • Quest Giver: Musician Yamato
  • Prerequisite: Liberate Kawachi Whaling Village


The Undying Flame Rewards


The Undying Flame Objectives

  • Find the musician in Jogaku
  • Ascend Mt. Jogaku
  • Investigate the Dojo
  • Pick up the Rock
  • Descend Mt. Jogaku
  • Speak with the Musician


The Undying Flame Walkthrough

Find the musician in Jogaku

  • The musician's camp can be found at the southwest side of the map on Mt. Jogaku.
  • Another way to find the musician's location is by talking to the villagers. They will give you rumors and news regarding his location.
  • Mythic Tales are marked with a blue diamond symbol on the map.
  • Speak to him and he'll tell you the Tale of The Undying Flame.

Ascend Mt. Jogaku

  • After listening to the tale, you are now tasked to ascend Mt. Jogaku.
  • The objective is marked on the map, so simply reach the top of the mountain.
  • But it won't be that easy climbing to the top. While you try to hike, Jin will begin start to get cold and eventually will be frozen if you keep going.
  • In order to survive, you will need to stop by campfires which will serve as your checkpoint.
  • From the musician, start heading to the top from the left side. You'll find some ledges that you'll climb and eventually find the first campfire.
  • Collect the arrows if you need to then continue forward where you'll see a wooden bridge.
  • As you cross, ready your bow and shoot the two wolves ahead.
  • Quickly run straight, climb the ledge, turn right and you'll find the second campfire. Collect the resources and warm up. 
  • When you're ready, continue down the path and you'll see one Wolf. Shoot it, then quickly run, make a big jump, and use the grappling hook to hook onto the tree branch on the other end.
  • Next, climb up, go straight and climb up the ledge where you'll find the third campfire.
  • From the third campfire, go left and you'll encounter a pack of wolves. Shoot them down, continue going straight and climb to the top where you'll find the fouth campfire where you'll also see a samurai who is also using the campfire.
  • Again, from the camp, go left towards the narrow path and climb up the ledges where you'll see a fallen trunk.
  • Use it to walk across, then jump to the left to hook onto the tree branch and to swing across. When you reach the other end, interact with the campfire for Jin to light it up.
  • After the short cutscene, continue forward and use the tight rope to get across.
  • The path here is pretty much linear and eventually, you will reach another campfire that you'll need to ignite.
  • Continue climbing to the top, but beware of the bear that you'll encounter along the way. Ignore the bear and foucs on reaching the top until you find the Dojo.
  • Head inside the Dojo when you reach the top and you'll be greeted by Bettomaru.

Pick up the Rock

  • After the cutscene, follow the objective marker towards the dueling ring and collect the rock. The duel against Bettomaru will start after picking up the rock.
  • For this duel, Bettomaru will teach you how to ignite your katana with flame.
  • Jin will be able to obtain 2x Incendiary Oil after the battle.

Descend Mt. Jogaku

  • After defeating him and learning the new technique. You will need to descend the mountain and return to the musician.
  • Speaking to Yamato will complete this mythic tale.
  • This will also complete all Mythic Tales and unlocks the Teller of Tales Trophy.


The Undying Flame Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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