Twilight Oni

Item Type Sword Kit

Twilight Oni is a Sword Kit in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Sword Kits are mainly used to change the skin or appearance of the Sakai Katana. This item does not grant any buffs or add any perks - it is mainly used for customization purposes only. Sword Kits can be obtained by locating the Pillars of Honour.


As night falls, death approaches.



Twilight Oni Information

  • The Twilight Oni skin consists of a green and yellow scabbard (saya) with dragonflies, a silver dragonfly on the handle (tsuka), no braided handle wrap (ito) and a gray decorative cord (sageo)


Twilight Oni Location/Where to Find



Twilight Oni Notes, Tips, and Trivia

  • Oni means ogre or troll in Japanese and is often the form affiliated with Fujin (aka Kami-noKaze) the god of wind (hence the term: kamikaze)



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