Wood Spirit Straw Hat

Wood Spirit Straw Hat
Armor Type Helm

Wood Spirit Straw Hat is a Helm in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Wood Spirit Straw Hat is a piece of cosmetic equipment that changes Jin's appearance when it is equipped. Helms can be found in settlements, purchased from Merchants, obtained as a reward, or crafted with the use of certain Resources.


For Those who walk the lonely forests and bogs of Tsushima. 


Wood Spirit Straw Hat Information

  • Helms don’t have any effect and are for customization only.
  • It is used to change the appearance of our character.


Where to Find Wood Spirit Straw Hat

  • Found at: Toyotama, north of Akashima Village and west of Marsh Rock Shrine.  Worn by an oni statue in the middle of a pond.
  • Dropped by: ??


Wood Spirit Straw Hat Notes & Trivia

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.



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