Secrets for Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) feature the different information regarding hidden features of the game such as hidden locations, discoverable Inari Shrines, items, and many more. This page covers all the secrets that can be discovered in the game.


Ghost of Tsushima Secrets



Vanity Gear

There are 59 collectible Vanity Gears in the game. A warrior's presence and bearing can have a big impact on allies and foes alike. Explore Tsushima to find items that let you personalize your appearance.

Hot Springs

There are 18 discoverable Hot Springs in the game. The physical and mental demands of combat require rest and recovery, as ever warrior soon learns. Fortunately, Tsushima is strewn with serene and beautiful Hot Springs. Seek them out to ease fatigue from battle. Every Hot Spring increases your maximum health.

Bamboo Strikes

There are 16 playable Bamboo Strikes in the game. The course of a battle can change in a moment. Victory and defeat are decided in the blink of an eye. A samurai must take every opportunity to train. Hone your sword technique by slicing through bamboo in a single strike.


Shinto Shrines

There are 16 discoverable Shinto Shrines in the game. The Way of the Kami, or Shinto, is woven into the fabric of daily life on Tsushima. Shrines dot the island, many forgotten with the passage of time, through intrepid explorers can find them.


There are 8 discoverable Lighthouses in the game. Tsushima has long been vital to trade and diplomacy between Japan and the Kingdoms of Goryeo and China. Lighthouses play a crucial part in this. Reignite lighthouses to give hope to the people and grow your Legend.

Pillars of Honour

There are 23 discoverable Pillars of Honor in the game. These pillars were erected all over the island by Tsushima's first jito. They honour the samurai who gave their lives to bring peace and order to Tsushima. Collect Sword Kits from these pillars to customize the appearance of your blades.


Inari Shrines

There are 49 discoverable Inari Shrines in the game. Some of Tsushima's shrines are dedicated to Inari, kami of agriculture and plenty. Foxes are Inari's messengers and are often drawn to these sacred places. Find and honour the island's shrines to Inari.


There are 19 collectible Haiku in the game. It is the solemn duty of every samurai to study the arts, cultivating both observation and imagination. Seek out tranquil places to focus your mind. Each haiku rewards a new headband.


There are 25 duels in the game. Duel the Straw Hat assassins and other enemies who seek the bounty on your head.


Hidden Altars

There are 10 hidden altars in the game. These secret locations are marked with a "?" on the map, finding all hidden altars rewards players with the Honor the Unseen trophy.

Animal Sanctuaries

Animal Sanctuaries are exclusive to the Iki Island Expansion. There are 9 sacntuaries that can be found on Iki Island where Jin interacts with certain animals such as monkeys and deers.

Archery Challenges

Archery Challanges are exclusive to the Iki Island Expansion. There are 9 Archery Challanges that can be found on Iki Island where Jin will need to hit the targets within the given time limits. 


Memories of Your Father

Memories of Your Father are exclusive to the Iki Island Expansion. There are 5 Memories of Your Father that can be obtained on Iki Island which are obtained through the stoy's natural dialogue.









Mongol Artifacts

There are 50 Monol Artifacts that can be found in the game. A variety of Mongol Artifacts that introduces the culture and background of the Mongols. These artifacts can be found in Mongol forts, encampments, and dwellings across the island.

Singing Crickets

There are 20 Singing Crickets in the game. Singing Crickets are needed to learn a new flute melody for Jin to play new songs. They can be found everywhere in nature, though some say it's best to look in cemeteries, where they sing to comfort the dead.


There are 40 records in the game. Found all over the island, in towns, Mongol camps, settlements, shrines, and other places - Records are personal accounts, poems, and messages written by the people of Tsushima, documenting life during the Mongol invasion.


Sashimono Banners

There are 80 banners that can be obtained in the game. Collecting banners from liberating enemy strongholds unlocks new Saddles for Jin's horse.



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