Combat for Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) features information regarding the basic and advanced mechanics of the combat system of the game. From indicating the usage of the various weapons that can be used by Jin, combat movements, player and enemy combat details, and many more. In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin Sakai, starts off as a trained samurai warrior, but as he progresses throughout his journey, he will need to learn new skills and adopt unconventional tactics that will lead him to shape his new identity as a ghost.


Ghost of Tsushima Combat

Basic Movements

Jin can jump to traverse gaps without using the Grappling Hook and he can climb walls and obstacles that he can reach. Jin can also crouch where he hunches over and uses cover to hide from an enemy's sight. While Jin is crouching and hiding, players can sneak up to enemies and execute a sneak attack that instantly kills the enemy.

Grappling Hook

Jin has access to the grappling hook similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This will allow Jin to maneuver high ground and reach the rooftops of houses and/or buildings. Use this to your advantage especially when you are raiding a Mongol camp to help you scout the area, as well as to execute sneak attacks and assassinations when the opportunity is available.


Resolve measures the samurai spirit of Jin, this determines how he can sustain injury and withstand pain inflicted by the enemies. These are the yellow orbs that are found on top of Jin's health bar. The circles are built up over time during combat and can be used in two different ways. The first one is to use it as a way to replenish Jin's health, while the other option is to be aggressive and to execute it as a cool lethal finisher such as dismembering an enemy's body part, like their arm or leg. As the game progresses, players can upgrade the maximum amount of resolve Jin can collect through character progression and various equipment.


The Standoff is a unique combat mechanic that is heavily inspired by classic samurai films where two samurai warriors duel. This mechanic applies to both as a Samurai or the Ghost. When a standoff is available, a "Flash of Insight" will trigger and the icon for the "Standoff" will appear on the screen, meaning that Jin can challenge an enemy on a one-on-one battle, in the direct and honorable way of the Samurai. Players will simply need to press the Up button from the D-pad to initiate the Standoff. The screen will then adjust into a classic samurai film, giving you a unique experience - all you have to do now is to make sure you win the duel.

Combat Stances

Combat Stances are categorized as fighting styles of Jin. This allows him to switch his stance and combat style in and out of combat which gives him the flexibility to quickly adapt to the type of enemy he is facing. As the game progresses, there will be various enemies that will be encountered, and each enemy has its own behavior, strengths, and weaknesses. Two examples of the combat stance are the Stone Stance and the Water Stance.

  • The Stone Stance is an ancestral style which allows Jin to fight his foes in the traditional way of the Samurai. The Stone Stance focuses on executing two-handed attacks that use force to pierce through tough enemies.
  • The Water Stance is a more fluid style that allows Jin to move more agile while wielding his sword with one-hand. Jin is capable of inflicting a flurry of slashes in this stance.


Parrying is a defensive combat mechanic where Jin can block both an enemy's melee attack as well as projectiles like arrows. Being able to land a perfect parry at the last possible moment makes the enemy vulnerable to a counter-attack or a finisher and can replenish a certain amount of Resolve. Press the L1 button at the right moment to parry an attack.


Another defensive combat mechanic is blocking. This allows Jin to hold up his sword in a defensive position to deflect enemy attacks while standing his own ground. It is possible that enemy's can break Jin's blocking stance if they execute a powerful or deadly attack which is indicated when a red pulse appears on top of the enemy. Simply hold the L1 button down to block.


Dodging is yet another defensive combat mechanic that allows Jin to execute a combat roll. This is effective to get away from sticky situations such as fighting a group of Mongol Soldiers. Dodging has various animations and it seems that the speed of the dodge will depend on the type of armor Jin is wearing.

Using Tools

As the game progresses, players will be able to gain access to a variety of Tools. Use these to your advantage during raids, exploration, and especially in combat since it can help you in almost every situation you'll encounter. For example, using the Smoke Bomb creates a field of smoke that blocks the sight of the enemy, you can either use this to your advantage and kill them while they are temporarily blind, or escape the battlefield to avoid getting killed. The Kunai is an effective tool that can be used to quickly assassinate an enemy if you are caught, and of course, using Wind Chimes or Firecrackers to create a distraction to draw out enemies or to assassinate them.

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