Iki Island Expansion

Name Iki Island Expansion
Release Date August 20, 2021.
Genre Adventure, Action RPG
Platform/s PlayStation®5
Mode/s Single-Player
  • PS4 Digital: $59.99
  • PS5 Digital: $69.99
Developer Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment

Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) is a brand new and upcoming game DLC story expansion. It is part of the Director's Cut version of the original game that released back in June of 2020. Iki Island follows our protagonist Jin Sakai, who journeys into the dark secrets of the island. The expansion which is included with the Director's Cut, is available for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, and it is scheduled to release on August 20, 2021.


Iki Island Expansion Overview

As part of the Director’s Cut version of the game, players will be able to experience a new story expansion that follows the game's protagonist, Jin Sakai, on Iki Island where he'll discover new locations, characters, tales to complete, and uncover the secrets that lie on the mysterious island.

The journey begins when jin discovers a suspicious and mysterious Mongol tribe has taken over the island of Iki. The tribe is led by a revered shaman called Ankhsar Khatun, known to her followers as “the Eagle.” As both a khatun and a shaman, she is not only a conqueror of nations, but a shepherd of souls. And the terror that she holds against Jin and his people will put their survivability to the test.

The only way for Jin to remove this threat is for him to return to the island, to confront new enemies, to face his old fears, and break through his traumas. In this expansion, not only will you explore and fight against new adversaries, but you will also dive deep into the untold dark past of clan Sakai.


Playstation Blog's Description of Iki Island:

Our semi-fictional version of Iki Island provides a stark contrast to Tsushima. It is a wild, lawless land of raiders and criminals, scarred by memories of war, and fiercely independent; the samurai have not been in control there for decades. Skilled though he is, Jin can’t take on the Mongols alone. He will have to work with—or around—a coterie of unsavory characters to take the fight to the Eagle. The cost of failure is too high. If the Eagle and her tribe subdue Iki and muster the support of its people, Tsushima and the rest of Japan will be in grave danger.

The stories you find on Tsushima are filled with action and adventure. The same is true for Iki Island. In the fight to save Iki, Jin will encounter pirates and smugglers, mad monks and haunted caves. There will be new legends to hear, and new techniques to learn. Jin will have to bring all his skills to bear to defeat this new enemy. 

We’ll also continue telling intimate, emotional, personal stories. Stories about real people struggling to let go of old hatreds and survive in a time of war. Stories about how it feels to be caught between preserving cherished beliefs and defending your home. What it means to be Lord Sakai… and what it means to be the Ghost. 

How to get to Iki Island

  • Begin the Quest: Journey to the Past and Investigate the settlement in Drowned Man's Shore, located in the southeast area of Tsushima Island. (note that this quest can only be activated upon purchase of the Iki Island Expansion DLC)
  • Progress through the quest until you have to Interrogate the Mongol Shaman. Your next objective will be to Speak with the Boatman to sail for Iki Island. At this point Iki Island will be unlocked. 
  • Speak to the boatman to journey to Iki Island and begin the Tales of Iki Island. 


Iki Island Expansion Features

Director's Cut Edition features all additional content released to date, as well as brand new content:

  • A new expansion, featuring a new adventure and story to tell where Jin Sakai explores and uncovers the secrets of Iki Island.
  • New Locations to explore within Iki Island.
  • New NPCs to meet who reside on the island.
  • Additional Myhic Tales that are connected to the history of Iki island and many more.


Iki Island & Director's Cut PS5 Features

The PS5 version features a handful of upgrades over the PS4 version. Listed below are the following features, as per Sony:

  • Lip sync for Japanese voiceover
  • Ability to transfer PS4 saved progress to PS5 game
  • 3D Audio with stereo headphones (analogue or USB)
  • DualSense wireless controller haptic feedback and adaptive trigger resistance
  • Dynamic 4K resolution targeting 60fps (requires compatible 4K TV or display)


Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut Preorder Bonus

Listed below are the following assets you can receive for preordering the digital version of the Director's Cut via the PS Store:

  • Ghost of Tsushima 11 pieces of artwork.
  • Ghost of Tsushima digital mini soundtrack with 2 new bonus tracks.


How do I download the Iki Island Expansion

Most of you own the game on the PlayStation®4 when it released back in June of 2020, and you are probably wondering if you need to buy the full game or is there a preference to upgrade it instead. We got you covered and we will be listing down your options for upgrading your game to the Director's Cut version. Take note that you will need to have the Director's Cut version in order to play this DLC.

  • For those who own the PS4 version of the base game and who are playing on the PS4, you can upgrade it to the PS4 version of the Director's Cut for $19.99 via the PS Store, - available on August 20, 2021.
  • For players who own the PS4 version of the base game, playing on the PS5, and want to upgrade the to the PS5 version of the Director's Cut, you will need to purchase the PS5 Director's Cut Upgrade for $29.99 via the PS Store - available on August 20, 2021.
  • For players who one the PS4 version of the Director's Cut and would like to upgrade the PS5 version so that you can fully experience the new features of the game on your PS5 console, you can do so by paying $10.00 for the upgrade via the PS Store - available on August 20, 2021.


Iki Island Expanion New Features

Iki Island Locations

  • Check back soon!


Iki Island Quests

  • Check back soon!


Iki Island NPCs

  • Check back soon!


Iki Island Enemies

  • Check back soon!


Iki Island Equipment




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