Pillars of Honour

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Total no. of Pillars 26

Pillars of Honour in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are special hidden locations that can be found on the island. In your exploration, you will come across sacred pillars where you can collect cosmetic items for the Sakai Katana. This page covers a list of all the pillars that can be discovered in the game.


Pillars of Honour Information

  • Pillars of Honour are scattered across Tsushima Island.
  • Players will need to explore the island to find a Pillar.
  • When players discover an area that has a pillar, the words "Pillar of Honour" will appear on the screen.
  • Listen to the locals since they may give information regarding the location of the pillar.
  • Or follow the birds that will appear when you are exploring the island, the birds will guide you towards points of interest.
  • When Jin finds a pillar, there is a cosmetic item that can be collected next to it.
  • This cosmetic item is called a Sword Kit that is mainly used for customization purposes such as changing the appearance/skin of the Sakai Katana's saya or scabbard.
  • Finding all Pillars of Honor isn't needed for any trophies, but they unlock additional Vanity Gear items.
  • There's a total of 23 Pillars of Honour that can be found on Tsushima Island, while 3 on Iki Island.


All Pillars of Honour Locations

Act 1

Hiyoshi Region

Azamo Region


Ariake Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Warrior's Brush

Kashine Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Spring Bamboo

Komoda Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Genbu's Darkness

Act 2

Umugi Region


Akashima Region

Otsuna Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Hunting Bear


Kubara Region

Kushi Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Gold Koi River


Act 3

Jogaku Region


Sago Region

Unlocks: Sword Kit: Shogun's Storm



Iki Island

Iki Island


Sentinel's Peak


Zasho River


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