Skills and Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) is an upgrade mechanic that allows Jin  to learn various active and passive techniques. As Jin further explores secrets or acquires experience, players can use Technique Points to learn and upgrade skills. The skills that are unlocked and used by the player for Jin will heavily impact Jin's playthrough such as becoming a stealth-type assassin, or a hard-hitting samurai. This page covers a list of all the skills and techniques that can be unlocked.

Jin's skills and techniques are divided into three categories, each presented in a tree form. The first is the Combat Stances which focuses on unlocking different combat styles and skills that are designed to change Jin's stance which can benefit in defeating various types of enemies, the second which is the Samurai Techniques that unlock skills related to the way of the Samurai, and Ghost Techniques that allow Jin to learn and discover Ghost Weapons and evolving tactics. Players will need to obtain Technique Points through exploration, story progression, and completing quests in order to unlock more skills and techniques.


Ghost of Tsushima Skills & Techniques

Jin Skills and Techniques



Classes Skills and Techniques




All Skills Table

Skill Category
Skill Points Cost
Samurai Technique   Perfect Parry Parry at the last possible second to perform a deadly counterattack. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Perfect Healing Parry Perfect Parries recover a small amount of health. ?? Perfect Parry
Samurai Technique   Unyielding Sword Parry Parry an unblockable attack from Mongol swords. ?? Perfect Parry
Samurai Technique   Deflect Arrows Parry incoming projectiles while blocking. ?? Perfect Healing Parry
Unyielding Sword Parry
Samurai Technique   Resolved Parry Gain Moderate Resolve by using a Parry or Perfect Parry. ?? Deflect Arrows
Samurai Technique   Unyielding Spear Parry Parry an unblockable spear attack. ?? Deflect Arrows
Samurai Technique   Terrifying Parry Perfect Parry counterattacks have a 20% chance to Terrify nearby enemies. ?? Resolved Parry
Unyielding Spear Parry
Samurai Technique   Roll Roll across the ground to avoid attacks. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Dodging Slash An evasive strike useful against slow-moving enemies. ?? Roll
Samurai Technique   Sprint Strike Sprint toward your enemy and slash them with a quick strike. ?? Roll
Samurai Technique   Shoulder Charge Charge into enemies while springing to knock them backward. ?? Sprint Strike
Dodging Slash
Samurai Technique   Delayed Strike A delayed quick attack that inflicts extra Melee damage and Stagger damage. ?? Shoulder Charge
Samurai Technique   Mounted Strike Perform a jumping strike from your horse to tackle your enemy and inflict Stagger damage. ?? Shoulder Charge
Samurai Technique   Perfect Dodge Dodge at the last possible moment to perform a deadly counterattack. ?? Delayed Strike
Mounted Strike
Samurai Technique   Heavenly Strike A quick unblockable attack that inflicts extra damage against Staggered enemies. n/a ??
Samurai Technique   Dance of Wrath Unleash three consecutive unblockable attacks that inflict high damage. n/a ??
Samurai Technique   Way of the Flame Use Incendiary Oil to ignite your katana and burn your foes. n/a ??
Samurai Technique   Explosive Arrow Heavy arrow fitted with volatile powder that explodes on impact. n/a ??
Samurai Technique   Wind of Health Follow the Guiding Wind to Hot Springs. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Wind of Resolve Follow the Guiding Wind to Bamboo Strikes. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Wind of Charms Follow the Guiding Wind to Shinto Shrines where you can find new Charms. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Wind of Inari Follow the Guiding Wind to Fox Dens. 1 n/a
Samurai Technique   Wind of Vanity Follow the Guiding Wind to discover items that allow you to personalize your apperance. 1 n/a
Stance   Stone Stance Effective against Swordsmen. Heavy attacks deal extra Stagger damage. ?? n/a
Stance   Stone: Puncture Batter your foe with two piercing strikes. 1 Stone Stance
Stance   Stone: Strength of Mountains Increases Stagger damage against Swordsmen from all Stone Stance attacks. ?? Stone: Puncture
Stance   Stone: Full Puncture Deliver three piercing strikes. ?? Stone: Strength of Mountains
Stance   Stone: Momentum Perform Stone Stance heavy attacks with ferocious speed. ?? Stone: Full Puncture
Stance   Water Stance Effective against Shieldmen. Heavy attacks deal extra damage. 3 n/a
Stance   Water: Flowing Strikes Unleash a torrent of four rapid strikes. 1 Water Stance
Stance   Water: Strength of Tides Increase Stagger damage against Shieldmen from all Water Stance attacks. ?? Water: Flowing Strikes
Stance   Water: Surging Strikes Drown your foe with a flood of five rapid strikes. ?? Water: Strength of Tides
Stance   Water: Downpour Inflict increasing damage with each attack in your Flurry Strike. ?? Water: Surging Strikes
Stances   Wind Stance Effective against: Spearmen. Heavy attacks deal extra:Stagger damage. ?? n/a
Stance   Wind: Strengthened Typhoon Kick Typhoon Kicks launch your enemy farther back and deal extra Stagger damage. 1 Wind Stance
Stance   Wind: Strength of Gales Increase Stagger damage against Spearmen from all Wind Stance attacks. ?? Wind: Strengthened Typhoon Kick
Stance   Wind: Spear Defense Automatically Parry spear attacks during any Wind Stance attack ?? Wind: Strength of Gales
Stance   Wind: Typhoon Kick Finisher Enemies thrown by a Typhoon Kick are knocked down. ?? Wind: Spear Defense
Stance   Moon Stance Effective against: Brutes. Heavy attacks deal extra: Stagger damage ?? ??
Stance   Moon: Whirlwind Assail your foes with two fast spinning strikes ?? Moon Stance
Stance   Moon: Strength of the Heavens Increase Stagger Damage against Brutes from all Moon Stance Attacks ?? Moon: Whirlwind
Stance   Moon: Finishing Strike The third Moon Stance heavy attack deals extra Melee damage and Stagger damage. ?? Moon: Strength of the Heavens
Stance   Moon: Tornado Three fast spinning strikes. ?? Moon: Finishing Strike
Ghost Technique   Kunai A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies, staggering them. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Hidden Blade Throw 1 additional Kunai. 1 Kunai
Ghost Technique   Serrated Blades Kunai inflict twice as much damage. ?? Hidden Blade
Ghost Technique   Black Powder Bomb Thrown explosives that damages and staggers enemies caught in the blast. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Concussive Blast Knocks down enemies struck by the shockwave of a Black Powder Bomb. ?? Black Powder Bomb
Ghost Technique   Explosive Shrapnel Adds shrapnel to the Black Powder Bomb, increasing its damage and blast radius. ?? Concussive Blast
Ghost Technique   Smoke Bomb Unleash a dense cloud of smoke at your feet, causing enemies to lose sight of you. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Blinding Dust Smoke Bombs temporarily blind enemies caught in their blast. Smoke also lasts longer before disappearing. ?? Smoke Bomb
Ghost Technique   Healing Incense Smoke Bomb fumes restore some of your health. ?? Blinding Dust
Ghost Technique   Sticky Bomb Throw a pitch-covered bomb that will stick to your enemy. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Guarded Throw You're no longer adversely affected by a bomb's blast. ?? Sticky Bomb
Ghost Technique   Explosive Powder A direct hit with the Sticky Bomb kills the target, causes a bigger blast radius, and inflicts more damage. ?? Guarded Throw
Ghost Technique   Wind Chime Throw a small bell to draw an enemy's attention. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Firecracker Throw a firecracker to draw multiple enemies to a location. ?? Wind Chime
Ghost Technique   Recover Health Regain a Moderate amount of health at the cost of Resolve. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Iron Will Save yourself from defeat when wounded. 2 Recover Health
Ghost Technique   Standoff Challenge enemies to a one-on-one showdown. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Standoff Streak After a successful Standoff, one enemy will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow. 1 Standoff
Ghost Technique   Improved Standoff Streak After a successful Standoff, two enemies will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow. ?? Standoff Streak
Ghost Technique   Archery Harness the Way of the Bow. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Concentration Briefly slow time while aiming to improve accuracy. 1 Archery
Ghost Technique   Mental Fortitude Reduce Concentration cooldown by 15%. ?? Concentration
Ghost Technique   Improved Mental Fortitude Reduce Concentration cooldown by 30%. ?? Mental Fortitude
Ghost Technique   Assassination Kill unaware enemies with a quiet and brutal stealth attack. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Safe Landing Roll just before landing to avoid damage from all but the highest of falls. 1 Assassination
Ghost Technique   Chain Assassination Assassinate two nearby targets in quick succession. ?? Safe Landing
Ghost Technique   Chain Assassination Master Assassinate up to three nearby targets in quick succession. ?? Chain Assassination
Ghost Technique   Focused Hearing Detect nearby enemies by sound. ?? ??
Ghost Technique   Far Hearing Detect more distant enemies by listening with a deeper focus. 1 Focused Hearing
Ghost Technique   Stealth Hearing Move faster while using Focused Hearing. ?? Far Hearing
Ghost Technique   Killer's Instinct Notice a flashing aura around Assassination targets when their allies will be alerted by their death. ?? Stealth Hearing

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