Stealth for Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) is a combat mechanic and playstyle that can be executed by Jin Sakai. In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin is a trained Samurai Warrior, but players are tasked and given the challenge to learn new methods and skills, such as becoming an assassin, a ghost that can take out its enemies without being seen. Following the way of the Ghost requires certain criteria such as equipping certain items and learning relevant skills. This page will cover information regarding the basic and advanced tips of using stealth, as well as information regarding equipment and skills that are related to stealth.


Ghost of Tsushima Stealth

Stealth Charms


Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) doesn't really have that much in-depth customization when it comes to Jin's equipment. So the basic equipment you want to watch out for are Stealth Omamori Charms. One of the earliest stealth charms you can obtain is the Charm of Shadows, this reduces the enemy detection speed by 10%. There are multiple stealth Omamori charms that can be found through story progression and by completing Tales of Tsushima (Side Quests), as well as Mythic Tales. Stealth charms are indicated with the Stealth Stealth Icon, making it easier for players to identify if it is a Stealth Type.

Stealth Attire


In conjunction with Jin's equipment, there are two sets of armor that are recommended to be used if you are going for a stealth build. And these are the Ronin Attire and the Ghost Armor. The Ronin Attire is automatically acquired during the 1st act of the game after completing Blood on the Grass. This armor set reduces enemy detection speed by 10% and increases Melee damage by 15%.


On the other hand, the Ghost Armor is automatically obtained at the end of the 2nd act during the main quest, From the Darkness. The Ghost Armor reduces enemy detection speed by 20%, has a 15% chance to terrify enemies, and reduces the number of kills needed to enter the ghost stance by 1. Both armors can be upgraded by the Armorer to increase its stats, provided that you have the required Resources.

Ghost Weapons & Tools


In Ghost of Tsushima (GoT), Jin relies heavily on his Tools, and there is a variety of tools (and weapons) that are helpful in using stealth. These tools are the Smoke Bomb, Wind Chime, the Blowgun, Kunai, Firecracker, and bow (Half Bow or Longbow). The Smoke Bomb is a very useful tool if you find yourself in a sticky situation, if you are outnumbered, use this to blind your enemies, to escape, and reposition yourself where you can hide.


The Wind Chime is a distraction tool that can catch the attention of enemies. It's more of a low-key approach where it doesn't really make that much noise and usually catches the attention of the nearest enemy within its radius. Use this to your advantage to lure and kill an enemy or to let them move from their post, allowing yourself to pass through sections of a guarded location. Alternatively,  if you want to get the attention of multiple enemies, use the Firecracker.


Ghost weapons such as the bow can kill enemies if it is a clear headshot. While the Kunai can stun enemies and sometimes kill enemies. On the other hand, once you unlock the Toyotama region, you can complete the side quest, The Proud Do Not Endure. You'll acquire the Blowgun that allows Jin to either use a Poison Dart or Hallucination Dart to take out his foes.


Evolving Tactics

The following Ghost techniques are recommended for players to focus on improving for Stealth Tactics. Archery is automatically obtained through story progression, upgrading this will allow Jin to easily take out his enemies with the bow and improves the proficiency of using bows such as the Half Bow or Longbow. Assassination is another tactic that you obtain in the early stage of the game, this allows Jin to sneak up behind enemies and kill them silently. If you further upgrade this technique, Jin will be able to take out a group of enemies with a chain assassination.


Focused Hearing is also an important technique that you may want to strengthen. This allows Jin to hear enemy movements even from afar, to highlight enemies based off on sound, and increases his movement speed when he is sneaking. This basically makes it easier to scout and track enemies, especially if you are liberating a Mongol Territory that is heavily guarded. Apart from that, the Shoji Assassination technique is acquired automatically through story progression. It doesn't have any upgrades but it is useful to take out single enemies who are unaware of Jin's presence and standing behind a shoji door.

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