Resources in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) are materials used for crafting and customization. On Tsushima Island, players will find various resources such as bamboo, wood, supplies, flowers and many more, these resources can be used to craft different items and equipment, and some can be used for customization, such as flowers, to change the color of Jin's armor and clothing. This page covers a list of all the resources that can be found in the game.


Ghost of Tsushima Resources



Name & Icon
Bamboo grows throughout the wilderness of Tsushima. Common wood found on the island.
Yew Wood
Yew trees grow throughout the wilderness of Tsushima. Uncommon wood found on the island.
Wax Wood
Wax trees commonly grow near Shinto Shrines. Rare wood obtained from Wax trees near Shinto Shrines.
A common metal used by Swordsmiths. Common item in Mongol-occupied territory.
An uncommon metal used by Swordsmiths. Uncommon item found in Mongol-occupied territory.
A rare metal used by Swordsmiths. Rare item that is found in Mongol-occupied territory.
A common cloth used by Armorers. Earned by completing Tales of Tsushima.
An uncommon cloth used by Armorers. Earned by completing Tales of Tsushima.
A rare cloth used by Armorers. Earned by completing Tales of Tsushima with Jin's allies.
Resources that can be traded. Common material found in settlements and obtained as rewards for completing quests.
Colorful flowers used by merchants. Common flora that grows throughout the wilderness of Tsushima.
Predator Hides
An item that can be traded with Trappers. Obtained from killed wild animals that inhabit Tsushima Island.
Ghost Flowers
Flowers used by Baku the Voiceless merchant. Earned by completing tasks in New Game+ that have already been completed. Only available whit Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC


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