Baku the Voiceless

Baku the Voiceless
Location Lake Izuhara 

Baku the Voiceless is a Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC. The Baku the Voiceless can be found in Lake Izuhara and He will trade new dyes, armors and charms for Ghost flowers. Merchants are special NPCs where players can trade goods and request for certain services.


Baku the Voiceless Information


Baku the Voiceless Location


Baku the Voiceless Inventory

Equipment Name
Resources Required
Charm of Heavenly Rebuke x5 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Incineration x5 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Carnage x5 Ghost Flowers
Curse of Frailty x5 Ghost Flowers
Curse of Misfortune x5 Ghost Flowers
Curse of Exhaustion x5 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Steadfast Fire x15 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Distraction x15 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Ghostly Fury x15 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Blazing Flame x25 Ghost Flowers
Charm of Canine Recruitment x25 Ghost Flowers
Deadly Rival's Attire x25 Ghost Flowers
Archery Master's Attire x25 Ghost Flowers
Elegant Ghost Mask x10 Ghost Flowers
Sarugami's Wrath x10 Ghost Flowers
Adachi Dragon Mask x10 Ghost Flowers
Ocean Of Blood x10 Ghost Flowers
Timeworn Oni x10 Ghost Flowers
Majestic Samurai Clan Mask x10 Ghost Flowers
Ancient Dragon x10 Ghost Flowers
Jade Elder x10 Ghost Flowers
Midnight Snarl x10 Ghost Flowers
Beast Of Prey x10 Ghost Flowers
Trickster Wolf x10 Ghost Flowers
Graceful Marsh Straw Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Mosaic Straw Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Bone White Straw Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Kitsune Straw Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Koi Straw Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Bloodstained Betrayer's Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Dark Betrayer's Hat x5 Ghost Flowers
Shadow Tengai x5 Ghost Flowers
Fundoshi Fancy Fundoshi dye x15 Ghost Flowers
Broken Armor Dark Survivor dye x15 Ghost Flowers
Ghost Armor Avenging Spring dye x15 Ghost Flowers
Tadayori's Armor Flowers of War dye x15 Ghost Flowers
Gosaku's Armor Bright Defender dye x15 Ghost Flowers
Kensei Armor Sanguine Autumn and Duel of Lights dyes x15 Ghost Flowers
Sakai Clan Armor Oceanic Valor and Legacy of Guardians dyes x15 Ghost Flowers
Traveler's Attire Winged Wayfarer dye x15 Ghost Flowers


Baku the Voiceless Notes & Tips

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