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Hunter in Ghost of Tsushima is one of the 4 classes available with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC. Classes can be unlocked after you play the game a little bit. The first class you can unlock is only when your player level reaches Rank 8. This is where you can select the first Class of your choice and equip.


Hunters are one with the bow. They slay oni from across the battlefield with a single well-placed arrow.


Hunter Information

As a Hunter, you can stand on the edge of combat and snipe enemies before they even see you. You can also use explosive arrows to slow down groups, and when the combat gets really fierce, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate attack will unleash multiple arrows straight at your enemies’ heads.

The Hunter is rarely seen by the enemy before the attack is commenced. the Hunter controls the battlefield from afar, picking off enemies from the safety of cliffs and rooftops.

Hunter is obviously best used at long distances, as her bow is what receives the most upgrades on the skill tree. It’s so much so that leveling up won’t have any effect on her close-range attacks — which is crucial in Legends.


Hunter Skills, Techniques and Equipment

In addition to class techniques and abilities, there are perks available to further customize your character

Name Type Effect Rank Resolve
Eye of Uchitsune Ultimate Target 3 enemies and fire a guaranteed headshot at each target N/A 3 Resolve
Staggering Arrow Class Ability Fire an arrow that stuns enemies in a small area 1 55 Seconds
Explosive Arrow Class Ability Fire an arrow that explodes after a short delay 10 50 Seconds
Executioner Perk 1 Increase headshot damage by 50% for targets within 12 meters 2 N/A
Scent of Blood Perk 1 Increase draw and reload speed by 100% for 30 seconds after attempting an assassination 7 N/A
Hunter Unleashed Perk 1 Decrease class ability cooldown by 15% 14 N/A
Resupply Perk 2 Refill 30% of all ammo types 3 1 Resolve
Status Damage Perk 2 Damage of status effects increased by 25% 9 N/A
Piercing Arrow Perk 2 Unlock Piercing Arrows for your bow that can penetrate shields 16 N/A
Pinpoint Perk 3 Body shots with the bow have a 50% chance to deal headshot damage 5 N/A
All-Seeing Eye Perk 3 Eye of Uchitsune can target 2 more enemies 11 N/A
Legendary Perk 3 Increases the number of Legendary items you can equip by 1 18 N/A


Hunter Notes & Tips

  • Only one perk can be slotted for each category that has multiple options: Class Ability, Perk 1, Perk 2, Perk 3


Legend Classes
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