Sakai Horse Armor

Item Type Saddle Skin

Sakai Horse Armor is a Saddle in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) and an exclusive saddle skin in the Iki Island Expansion. The saddle is a cosmetic item and an accessory for Jin's horse (Mount), it is a seat that is attached to the back of the horse. This item does not grant any buffs or add any perks but instead, it is mainly used for customization purposes only.


Forged to protect the fearless war horse of Kazumasa Sakai.


Sakai Horse Armor Information

  • Provides a wearable armor for Jin's mount.
  • Equipping this saddle skin grants the Ghost Technique: Horse Charge.
  • Horse Charge only becomes active or can be used during combat/exploration while you are riding the horse and if this saddle skin is equipped.
  • Incoming attacks from enemies are less likely to dismount you.
  • To charge enemies, press and hold the L1 button.
  • This saddle skin is exclusive to the DLC and players must own either the physical copy of the Director's Cut game edition which includes the expanion or separately purchased the Iki Island Expansion DLC


Sakai Horse Armor Location/Where to Find


Sakai Horse Armor Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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