Cosmetic and Dye Merchant

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Cosmetic and Dye Merchant is a Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). The Cosmetic and Dye Merchant can be found in multiple locations on the island and players can trade Flowers in exchange for cosmetic items and equipment dyes. Merchants are special NPCs where players can trade goods and request for certain services.


Cosmetic and Dye Merchant Information

  • The Cosmetic and Dye Merchant provides Jin with cosmetic items for his equipment such as bandanas and hats. He also provides various dyes to change the color of Jin's equipment such as his armor, his katana & tanto, as well as both of his bows.
  • The common Resources he needs are Flowers.
  • This merchant is commonly found in Survivor Camps and some settlements.


Cosmetic and Dye Merchant Location


Cosmetic and Dye Merchant Inventory

Item Item Type Required Flowers
Prowling Tiger Sword Kit 15
Emperor's Tears Sword Kit 15
Sea Dragon's Wing Sword Kit 15
Warrior's Shadow Sword Kit 15
Snow Demon's Eyes Sword Kit 15
Crane's Strike Half Bow Kit 5
Noble Crane Longbow Kit 5
Fiery Searcher Traveller's Attire Dye 10
Adventurer's Fortune Traveller's Attire Dye 10
Immaculate Warrior Samurai Clan Armor Dye 10
Relentless Hawk Tadayori's Armor Dye 10
Summer Ocean Tadayori's Armor Dye 10
Autumn Victory Tadayori's Armor Dye 10
Noble Wanderer Ronin Attire Dye 10
Shinano River Prowler Ronin Attire Dye 10
Dark Forest Hunter Ronin Attire Dye 10
True Seeker Ronin Attire Dye 10
Patchwork Straw Hat Cosmetic Hat 5
Fierce Warrior's Headband Cosmetic Headband 5
Kyoto Twilight Headband Cosmetic Headband 5
Hinode Headband Cosmetic Headband 5



Cosmetic and Dye Merchant Notes & Tips

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