Sashimono Banner Monk

Location Komatsu Forge

Sashimono Banner Monk is a Merchant in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). The Sashimono Banner Monk can be found in Komatsu Forge, he provides Jin with new Saddles for Jin's mount in exchange for Sashimono Banners. Merchants are special NPCs where players can trade goods and request for certain services.


Sashimono Banner Monk Information

  • Complete the main tale "Hammer and Forge" to liberate Komatsu Forge.
  • Collect Sashimono Banners in exchange for stories and new Saddles for Jin's mount.
  • A monk who wishes to keep the history of Tsushima alive provides Jin with Saddles for Jin's mount in exchange for collecting Sashimono Banners.


Sashimono Banner Monk Location


Sashimono Banner Monk Inventory

Saddle Name Required Sashimono Banners
Cloudless Dash ??
Swift Summer ??
Racing Crane 10
Fierce Spirit ??
Pampas Gale ??
Elegant Fury ??



Sashimono Banner Monk Notes & Tips

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