Standoff Streak

Standoff Streak
TP Cost 1
Prerequisite Standoff
Technique Type Ghost Technique

Standoff Streak is one of the Ghost Techniques in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Ghost Techniques are divided into two types which are Ghost Weapons that allow the player on how to build Jin through unlocking powerful weapons, and Evolving Tactics which are combat skills that are fit for becoming the stealthy ghost.


Standoff Streak Description

After a successful Standoff, one enemy will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow.


Standoff Streak Information

  • Technique Points Required: 1
  • Prerequisite: Standoff
  • Technique Type: Ghost Technique
  • Unlocking this grants access to the Improved Standoff Streak technique.
  • Upgrades the Standoff technique, where one enemy will rush in, allowing Jin to execute another finisher.
  • Wait until the other enemy attacks.
  • Press the or button as the enemy swings for the attack.
  • Grants an extra node of Resolve on a successful Standoff strike.


Standoff Streak Notes

  • ??
  • Notes on this skill go here



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