Sticky Bomb

Ghost Techniques Required Sticky Bomb
Available Upgrades 3
Effect Sticks bomb to an enemy before exploding.

Sticky Bomb is a type of Bomb in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT). Sticky Bomb is a pitch-covered bomb that sticks to an enemy before exploding. There are various weapons in the game that Jin can discover and use in battle, as the game progresses, players can also upgrade the level of each weapon to unlock more perks and to increase the effectiveness of the weapon.


A pitch-covered bomb that sticks to an enemy before exploding.


Sticky Bomb Information

  • A bomb that sticks onto enemies when thrown and then explodes after a brief moment that damages the enemy and those who are caught within the blast.


Sticky Bomb Acquisition

  • You need to unlock the Sticky Bomb Ghost Techniques.
  • You can purchase additional smoke bombs from merchants


Sticky Bomb Upgrades

  Required Resources Weapon Upgrades
Sticky Bomb Capacity I n/a Capacity: 1 Sticky Bomb
Sticky Bomb Capacity II x10 Predator Hides Capacity: 2 Sticky Bomb
Sticky Bomb Capacity III x20 Predator Hides Capacity: 3 Sticky Bomb



Sticky Bomb Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.



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