The Impact of Loss

Prerequisite Explore the world to find this tale.

+10 Linen
Minor Legend Increase
Minor Ranged Charm

Location Lake Nagata
Quest Giver Peasant

The Impact of Loss is a Side Quest in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) and an exclusive quest in the Iki Island Expansion. Tales of Iki are categorized as the typical side quests of the game, these are optional where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Side Quests heavily focuses on stories that revolve around NPCs encountered throughout the game. Completing a side quest rewards Jin with unique items and many more.


I heard distant crying near a lake. I should find out what happened.


The Impact of Loss Information

  • Location: Lake Nagata
  • Quest Giver: Peasant
  • Act ??
  • Region: Iki Island
  • Prerequisite: Explore the world to find this tale.


The Impact of Loss Rewards

  • +10 Linen
  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Ranged Charm


The Impact of Loss Objectives

  • Find Hotoke
  • Travel with Hotoke to find the rescue party
  • Investigate the battle site
  • Follow the trail of rice
  • Defeat the Mongols
  • Look for the captured monk and husband
  • Choose which hostage to save


The Impact of Loss Walkthrough

Find Hotoke

  • Travel up the slope to right as you face the peasant who assigned you this quest. Hotoke can be found kneeling by a tent, wearing a green skirt and blue dress. Interact with her to speak to her.

Follow Hotoke

  • Accompany Hotoke on her journey to find the rescue party.

Investigate the battle site

  • The two of you will eventually arrive at a post-skirmish scene with a trail of corpses lying on the ground. Track along the trail until you reach a dirt path with a bag of rice on the floor.
  • Interact to inspect the bag, triggering a new objective to follow the rice trail.

Walk Along the Narrow Rice Trail

  • Track along the narrow trail of rice, which will be indented with a set of footprints. You should eventually arrive at the shore of a lake.

Clear the Shore of Mongols

  • You will encounter a group of Mongols upon arrival. Dispatch of them quickly.

Scan the Area for Captives

  • Approach the panoramic viewpoint and interact to pan around, looking form one side to another to scan for captives. Follow the white circle and interact with it to zoom in on the proper areas to perform a more thorough visual search.

Choose which hostage to save

  • Once you successfully locate the two main captives, you must choose to save one and only one - rescuing one will always result in the death of another. These two captives are, respectively, Hotoke's husband on the right, and the Monk on the left, whom you have been searching for since the beginning.
  • Scenario 1, saving Hotoke's Husband: Should you choose to save Hotoke's husband, she would be very happy and grateful to you.
  • Scenario 2, saving the Monk: On the other hand, Hotoke will loathe you for choosing the Monk over her husband, and causing her child to be raised without a father to look up to.
  • The choice is entirely a matter of preference as they do not result in any major repercussions for the remainder of the story, outside of your relationship with Hotoke.
  • After saving your preferred hostage, clear the rest of the Mongols on the shore.
  • Pay attention to the one with the red skull on top of his head, as that indicates that he is about to execute an additional hostage. Eliminate him as quickly as possible to prevent that from happening.
  • The quest will then come to an end with a cutscene featuring Hotoke's reaction depending on your choice, and the saved hostage's gratitude towards you.
  • Warning: If Scenario 1 is chosen, should you travel back to the southern side of Lake Nagata and visit the camp again, Togo is the only person remaining. He claims that due to Doshun's death most of the survivers left, and those who stayed didn't have food or medicine. Hotoke contracted an illness, and he was forced to bury her and their unborn child, and it is assumed he's buried the rest of the survivers with her.


The Impact of Loss Notes, Tips, and Trivia

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  • Notes, Tips, and trivia.



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