Body Armor in Ghost of Tsushima (GoT) is a set of armor that is worn by Jin Sakai to protect his whole body. There are various types of Body Armor that heavily change Jin's style of either exploring the island as a Samurai or as the feared ninja, the Ghost. Body armor is a cosmetic piece of equipment that changes Jin's appearance, but most importantly, it grants him protection, defensive properties, and various perks that can help fight against his enemies. Jin's armor can also be customized by finding Flowers and using it to change its color. Body Armor can be found in settlements, purchased from Merchants, obtained as a reward, or crafted with the use of certain Resources. This page covers a full list of all the body armor that can be found in the game.


Ghost of Tsushima Body Armor



Name & Icon
Location Drops/Acquisition

Broken Armor

  • none
Acquired at the beginning of the game

Traveler's Attire

  • Track Artifacts with the Guiding Wind.
  • Travelling clears 10% more fog of war on the map.
  • The controller will vibrate when within 30m of an Artifact.
Acquired upon talking to a Merchant.

Ronin Attire

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 10%
  • 15% increase to Melee damage.
  • After leaving pampas grass while crouched, enemies will be much slower to detect you
Complete the Main Quest, Blood on the Grass

Samurai Clan Armor

  • Reduces all damage by a moderate amount
  • Moderate increase to health
  • Taking damage grants 15% resolve
Complete the Main Quest, The Tale of Lady Masako

Tadayori's Armor

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 15%
  • Increases total Concentration time by 1 second
  • Headshots restore 25% of the Concentration meter
Complete the Mythic Tale, The Legend of Tadayori

Sakai Clan Armor

  • Moderate increase to Melee damage
  • Moderate increase to health
  • Increase the Standoff Streak by 1. Winning a Standoff has a 10% chance to Terrify nearby enemies
Complete the Main Quest, Ghosts from the Past

Kensei's Armor

  • 15% increase to Resolve gains
  • Ghost Weapons deal 15% more damage
  • Striking an enemy with a Ghost Weapon causes that enemy to deal 25% less damage and receive 25% more damage
Complete the Mythic Tale, The Six Blades of Kojiro

Gosaku's Armor

  • Moderate increase to health
  • Moderate increase to Stagger Damage
  • Killing a Staggered enemy restores 10% of health
Complete the Mythic Tale, The Unbreakable Gosaku

Ghost Armor

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 20%
  • Reduces the number of kills needed to enter the ghost stance by 1
  • Kills have a 15% chance to Terrify a nearby enemy
Complete the Main Quest, From the Darkness

Mongol Commander's Armor

  • Major increase to health
  • Reduces all damage by a Major amount
  • Disguises you while out of combat, massively reducing Mongol detection speed
Complete the Tale of Tsushima, Fit for the Khan


  • Running and sprinting no longer create noise
Find all Hot Springs

Deadly Rival's Attire

  • Massive increase to health.
  • Major increase to Melee damage.
  • Ghost Weapons deal 30% more damage
It is included in the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC, and can be purchased from Baku the Voiceless.

Archery Master's Attire

  • Increases nocking and reload speed by 45%
  • Increases total Concentration time by 3 seconds.
  • Haedshots restore 50% of the Concentration meter.
It is included in the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC, and can be purchased from Baku the Voiceless.

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